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This is an overview of pointers to information on European comics (in French: bandes dessinées) that has been made available on the web. This site contains several sections:

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Series and Magazines (S)

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La saga d'Isaac Newton by Gotlib (Marcel Gotlieb)
You can read some general information of this comic supplied by Stephane Riviere (in French).
Sallad Toons by Sallad
Weekly cartoons about different topics by the Swedish cartoonist Salad.
Sam by Jan Bosschaert and Marc Legendre
A Belgian comic series about a female mechanic. Information about this comic is supplied by Filip Cuppens (in Dutch) and Willy De Groof (in Dutch).
Sammy by Berck (Arthur Berckmans) and Raoul Cauvin
Everyday life of two private investigators in the thirties. View a page with sub-titles or read Gert Meesters's interview with the new Sammy artist Jean-Pol (in Dutch). Kimmo Lakoma provides information about Sammy publications in Finland (in Finnish).
Samson & Gert by many authors
Willy De Groof supplies a description of this comic by Jean-Pol and Wim Swerts (drawings) and Danny Verbiest, Gert Verhulst, Hans Bourlon (scripts). Images can be found on the page of Stefan van Kampen (in Dutch).
Sandman by Neil Gaiman
There are pages about Sandman and The Dreaming by Andy Chung, Anne Johnson, David Wald, Friday, Jennifer Marie Ingram, Joe Fulgham, Jim McDonald, The NightWalker, Ryan Watkins and Yahoo!.
Sarah Spits by Marc Wasterlain
A female journalist in her quest against against injustice. Beautiful drawings by artist Marc Wasterlain. You can take a look at a page with sub-titles. Latest addition: Marc Wasterlain site (in French).
Sarajevo Tango by Hermann (Hermann Huppen)
A comic situated in Sarajevo.
Sasmira by Laurent Vicomte
A French comic. You can read something about it on the site of Marc Guislain (in French).
Satanik by Magnus
An Italian comic. Andrea Troiani has some information on artist Magnus (in Italian).
Lo Sciacallo Elettronico
An on-line Italian comics magazine.
Les Schtroumpfs by Peyo (Pierre Culliford)
The adventures of the famous blue dwarfs invented by Peyo. Nice places to visit are the official Smurf home page and Henk de Wijs's Smurfy Homepage. Other people and organizations with information about the Smurfs are: Andreas Lazar (in German), Axiom magazine (in German), Astro, Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Etienne Borgers, Ferenczy, Ivy Lynne, publisher Lombard (in French), Mariruth Graham, Mira Blackburn and Studio MV (in French). Latest addition: Smurf e-card service.
Le Scrameustache: see Les Galaxiens
Denmark's leading magazine on comics Seriejournalen can also be found of the web
Sigmund by Peter de Wit
A comic about a psychiatrist. It is puplished by publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch). You can look at an image from this comic (in Dutch).
De Silence et de Sang by François Corteggiani, Malés and Jean-Yves Mitton
A comic about two Italian friends who have different careers in the States. Publisher Dargaud supplies information about script writer François Corteggiani (in French).
The sixth Seal by Teemu Mäkinen
Visit this on-line graphic novel.
Sjef van Oekel by Theo van den Boogaard en Wim T. Schippers.
Wierd stories starring a wierd Dutch entertainer. This man actually exists! You can read a page with sub-titles of this comic and take a look at John Piek's page on author Wim T. Schippers (in Dutch).
Sjors & Sjimmie by Van Die, Plijnaar and Van der Kroft
The first comic made by the trio that created Claire. You can read a page with sub-titles of this comic. A comics magazine was named after this comic: Sjors & Sjimmie magazine which became SjoSji comics magazine and later on Striparazzi. Dik Winter supplies a text index over Sjors & Sjimmie magazine (in Dutch). Floris Wiesman supplies information on Sjors & Sjimmie in Eppo magazine (in Dutch). Reviews of recent albums can be obtained from the site of publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch). More information about this comic can be found on Menno's pages (in Dutch).
Sláine by Simon Bisley and Pat Mills
A comic about a Celtic king. Ivan Marcialis has a page about artist Simon Bisley.
Slaloms by Lewis Trondheim
There is also a nice site about its author Lewis Trondheim (in French).
De smurfen: see Les Schtroumpfs
The Smurfs: see Les Schtroumpfs
Smørbukk by Jens R. Nilssen and others
An old Norwegian comics about the anti-hero Smørbukk (in Norwegian).
Soda by Bruno Gazotti and Tome (Phillipe Vandevelde)
The adventures of police lieutenant David Elliot Hanneth Solomon of the NYPD. You can read general information about this comic or view a page with sub-titles. The first two books of the comic were drawn by Luc Warnant. Some more information about this comic is supplied by Guillaume Barthes (in French) and Jean-Sébastien Merz (in French).
Sophie by Jidéhem (Jean de Mesmaeker)
Adventures of a young girl. The father of artist Jidéhem was used by Franquin as a model for the famous mr. De Mesmaeker character in Gaston Lagaffe. View a page with sub-titles or pay a visit to the Sophie page of Etienne Borgers.
Spekkie Big by Marc van der Holst
A Dutch comic about a little pig. You can take a look at a site supplied by author Marc van der Holst (in Dutch).
Spiralis: see Marsupilami
Spirou by André Franquin and many others
The famous Belgian comic about the bellboy. People with Spirou information are Andreas Nikisch (in German), Bjørge Stavik (in Norwegian), Édouard Duprey and Pierre-François Le Faou, (in French), Eduardo Joaquín García Fernández (in Spanish), Erik Tjong Kim Sang: Spirou and Young Spirou Links, Etienne Borgers, Jérôme Mora (in French), Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish), Opale BD (in French), Stephane Riviere (in French), Svein Are Tjeldnes and Trond Are Undem (in Norwegian).
Spirou Magazine
A large site covering most if not all comics that have appeared in Spirou Magazine (in French). Provided by BD Oubliées.
Sprayliz by Luca Enoch
An Italian comic about a girl who fights social injustice.
Sprint & Kvikk: see Spirou
Sschlorp is a Swiss comics magazine (in German).
Stamgasten by Toon van Driel
Leendert Schwab supplies some images from this Dutch comic (in Dutch).
Stef Ardoba by Bert Bus
De Zilveren Dolfijn supplies a album list for this comic series (in Dutch).
Stefan by Laudec and Raoul Cauvin
Willy De Groof supplies a description of this comic starring a small boy.
Steven Sterk: see Benoît Brisefer
Storm by Don Lawrence, John Kelly and Martin Lodewijk
Science fiction adventures of the Trigan Empire. You can read an text about the great Don Lawrence. Publisher Big Balloon has information on album 22 (in Dutch). This album is drawn by John Kelly. Latest additions: Andrew Kerr, Jeen Osinga (in Dutch) and
A German comics magazine (in German).
Stripburger is a Slovenian comics magazine.
Stripschrift is a Dutch comics magazine. In January 1996 they have started with a home page on the Web
Superjhemp by Lucien Czuga and Roger Leiner
A super hero comic from Luxemburg (in Luxembourgish).
Superlópez by Jan (Juan López Fernández)
A Spanish comic about a super hero. You can read something about it at the pages of David Fraile Vieyto (in Spanish), F. Cebrian (in Spanish) and Txanpi (in Spanish).
Suske & Wiske by Willy Vandersteen
Based on the number of books sold this is definitely the most popular comic in The Netherlands and Belgium. Visit the Suske & Wiske homepage by Frank Koper and Michael van Hartskamp (in Dutch). Other people with introductions to this comic are: Bart de Jong (in Dutch). Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Kim Middel (in Dutch), Marcel Versteeg (in Dutch), Quinten Blindeman (in Dutch), Vrijuit Festival (Quiz in Dutch) and Willy De Groof.
Swiat Komiksu
A Polish comics magazine which publishes many well-known Westren European comics.
Sylfeline by Bruno Bellamy
A French fairy tale comic. You can read more about it on the site of publisher Dargaud (in French).
Sylvain & Sylvette by Jean-Louis Pesch
A comic about two children. You can read something about is on the site of publisher Lombard (in French).

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