Translated page of Sarah Spits

This is page 17 of book 5 in the Dutch series of Sarah Spits, title: Wapenstilstand (Cease fire) by Marc Wasterlain. The French title of this series is Jeannette Pointu.

Sarah:   He has got polio, hasn't he?
Nelly:   Yes. His legs never have recovered. He can't walk. 
         He is the grandson of Teresa!
Sarah:   What is he doing?
Nelly:   He's drawing. That is the only thing that interests
         him. And the soccer games on the radio. I'm always
         bringing him paper and pencils.

Nelly:   Hi Miguel... Do you want to show your drawings to
         señorita Sarah?
Miguel:  Oh si doctora, si!
Nelly:   Miguel only draws people that fly. It's his way to
         cope with his disability.
Sarah:   These drawings are beautiful Miguel!
Miguel:  You may have one of them.

Sarah:   This must have meant a lot to him... I am touched...
Nelly:   You are too emotional Sarah... I've learned not to
         be that! I'll show you our health center.
Nelly:   We work with a group of local volunteers. They're
         performing a fantastic job!

Nelly:   We manage the vaccine stock that comes to us via
         UNICEF from Rotary International. It's quite a job!
doctor:  Next one! Come here boy! It was Chico, wasn't it?
         How old are you Chico?
Chico:   Cinco señor!
doctor:  You'll see Chico. It won't hurt. You are not afraid
         for a little injection, are you? Show the lady how
         big you are!...
Chico:   Yes,... But I'm still afraid...!

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