Translated page of The Smurfs

This is page 3 of book 18 of The Smurfs, title: De juwelen-smurfer (The jewel smurfer) by Luc Parthoens, Thierry Culliford, Alain Maury and Luc Parthoens. More information about this comic can be found on another Smurfs page.

For some days a lot of activity is taking place in the 
village of the Smurfs. They are preparing themselves for 
the big spring festival.

The Baking Smurf and the Gastronomic Smurf take care of 
the buffet...
The Strong Smurf and the Smurfess practice their role 
as Romeo and Julliet... 

The Tinker Smurf and the Stupid Smurf take care of the
Meanwhile Papa Smurf makes sure that everyone performs
his duty...

Papa Smurf:  Dandy Smurf, did you see Spectacles Smurf
             and Funny Smurf?
Dandy Smurf: I haven't seen them after you smurfed them
             to the woods, Papa Smurf!
Papa Smurf:  Now where could those to be smurfing? I don't
             like them staying out for such a long time!

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