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This is an overview of pointers to information on European comics (in French: bandes dessinées) that has been made available on the web. This site contains several sections:

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Series and Magazines (L-N)

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Land van Langvergeten: see Balade au Bout du Monde
Lanfeust de Troy by Didier Tarquin and Scotch Arleston
An adventurous French comic. Visit the Lanfeust de Troy pages by Anonymous (in French), Florent Balard (in French), Marcel Cox (in French), Maxime Veron (official site, in French) and Olivier Marie (in French). Lastest addition: Comic Radio Show (in German).
Largo Winch by Jean van Hamme and Philippe Francq
Publisher Lombard supplies information about author Jean van Hamme (in French). You can read more about Largo Winch on the pages of (in French), official site (in French) and Timothée Maisonnier (in French). Latest addition: Ronan (in French).
Lenard & Gilbert by Jose Pereira
Online weekly cartoons about two anti-heros.
Léo Loden by Scotch Arleston and Serge
A French comic about the private eye Léo Loden. You can read something about this comic on the official website (in French).
Leonard by Turk and De Groot
Willy De Groof supplies a description of this comic about a medieval genius. You can also read Stephane Riviere's information on Turk or take a look at the Leonardo information from publisher Izvori (in Croatian).
Leonardo see: Leonard
Liefde en Geluk by Gerrit de Jager
Publisher Balloon has some information on album 5 of this Dutch comic (in Dutch) and information on author Gerrit de Jager (in Dutch).
Life is Weird by Paul Knapp
An English comic displaying an onorthodox view at a weird world.
Lila DeLila by Per-Anders Löfgren
A Swedish online comic with a female hero.
Lille Sprint: see Spirou
Linda & Valetin: see Valérian & Laureline
Litteul Kévin by Coyote
Stories about a kid grewing up in a biking environment. You can read something about it at the site of the author Coyote (in French).
Lobey Dosser by Bud Neill
A westren comic written by a Scottish cartoonist. You can read more about this comic on Paul Lang's Lobey Dosser site.
Lone Sloane by Philippe Druillet
You can read more about this French comic on the site of the author Philippe Druillet (in French).
Long Courrier by different authors
Long Courrier is a comics series with books from different authors. You can find information about it on the site of Marc Guislain (in French).
Luc Orient by Eddy Paape and Greg
A thrilling sf comic. Information about the authors is provided by BDParadisio: Eddy Paape and Greg (in French) You can read more about Luc Orient on the pages of ComicNet Sschlorp (in German), Izvori (in Croatian) and Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Lucky Luke by Morris (Maurice de Bevere) and René Goscinny
The cowboy that shoots faster than his shadow. Read about this on the pages of Auke Jansma (in Dutch), Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Etienne Borgers, Glo'Worm and Jérôme Arnould (in French). Other pages can be accessed via these Lucky Luke links.
Ludo by Pierre Bailly, Vincent Mathy and Denis Lapiére
Wonderful stories about the adventures of the boy Ludo in a big city. Latest addition: official site (in French).
Luther Arkwright by Bryan Talbot
You can read more about this British comic on James Robertson's site for Bryan Talbot.
Lykkeland by Trygve Høiseth
A Norwegian comic about contemporary urban life. Information about this comic is provided by author Trygve Høiseth.


Maarten Milaan: see Martin Milan
Mac Coy by Jean-Pierre Gourmelen and Palacios
A westren comic. You can read more about it on the pages of Librairie On Line (in French) and Robert Fransson (in Swedish).
Mammas Gata by Håkan Mattsson
A regularyly updated online Swedish comic about a man, his mother and het dog (in Swedish).
Marc Dacier by J.M. Charlier & Eddy Paape
Read O. Aydin Karabag's introduction to this comic
Mario Belli by Don Django
An online comic based Italian cinema characters played by Maurizio Merli in the seventies and the eighties (in German and English).
Mariza Munro by Ray Husac
An erotic comic.
Marsupilami by André Franquin and others
Stories about a wonderful black and yellow creature with the long tail. Created by André Franquin as a character in Spirou. Take a look at the Marsupilami pages by BDParadisio (in French), Didier Kessi (in French), Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Etienne Borgers, Françoise and Yves Parrat (in French), Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish), Marc Turcotte (in French), Marsu Productions, Stephane Riviere (in French) and Studio Aventures (in French).
Martin Mystère by Alfredo Castelli
A monthly Italian comic about a detective in a mysterious environment (in Italian). You can also read something about this comic on the unofficial Bonelli Comics e-magazine (in Italian).
Martin Milan by Christian Godard
Thierry Winants has a nice page on Martin Milan (in French). BDParadisio supplies an interview with author Christian Godard (in French).
Maus by Art Spiegelman
This saga about the holocaust in World War II won author Art Spiegelman the Pulitzer price. The National Museum of American Jewish History had a Maus Exhibit in 1996. Robert S. Leventhal wrote a Maus review.
De mazdabende: see Le gang Mazda
Melisande: see Mélusine
Mélusine by Clarke and Gilson
Stories about a student witch. Information about this comic can be found on the pages of Benoît Gréant (in French), Lady Dulac and Pagus [5] [6] (in German).
Meneer Johan: see Monsieur Jean
The Mercenary by Vincente Segrelles
A Spanish fantasy comic about a mercenary, a medieval soldier. Information about this comic is supplied on the official home page of author Vincente Segrelles.
Mic Mac Adam by Andre Benn and Stephen Desberg
Mic Mac Adam is Scottish detective who gets assigned to unusual cases. You can read more about this comic on Stephane Lemaire's site dedicated to author Andre Benn (in French).
Michel Vaillant by Jean Graton
The famous comic about the racing car driver Michel Vaillant. Read something about this comic on the site of publisher Lombard (in French). There is a Michel Vaillant fan club as well (in French).
Mikropolis by Dennis Wojda and Krzysiek Gawronkiewicz
Interesting Polish comic. There is information about it available on the official site (in Polish).
Mirchek Comics by Ruslan Kalitin
A Russian online comics magazine with comics like Mirchek and others.
Miss Dynamite by Sébastien Fréchette
A French online comic about a female hero.
Modesty Blaise by Peter O'Donnell
A British comic starring the female secret agent Modesty Blaise. You can take a look at the pages of Alice Dryden, Ken Piece Books, Kent Hedlundh and Ragnhild Paalsrud.
Le Moine Fou by Vink
A literal translation of the title is "the crazy monk". Information on this comic is supplied by Librairie On Line (in French).
Le Monde d'Arkadi by Philippe Caza
You can get more information about this comic via a page dedicated to the author Philippe Caza (in French).
Monsieur Jean by Philippe Dupuy en Charles Berberian
A comic about a man of about thirty years old who lives in Paris. This comic has received many awards recently. You can read something about the comic and its authors on the pages of Dams (in French), publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés, Jessie Bi and Yvan (in French) and Thomas Berthelot (in French).
Moomin by Tove and Lars Jansson
Information about this Swedish fairy-tale comic is supplied by Christof Geißel.
Moonbird by Mike Higgs
Information about this British comic can be found on the site of Christof Geißel.
Mortadelo & Filemón by Fransisco Ibañez
A very popular Spanish comic about two clumsy detective. You can find a small introduction in English or a larger general introduction in Spanish to this great comic by the Spaniard Fransisco Ibañez. You also read a page with English sub-titles (4x90kB inline images) of Mortadelo. José Javier Pomares supplies a large collection of information on Mortadelo & Filemón (in Spanish). If you understand Dutch then pay a visit to the page of GerJan Keizer (in Dutch). Latest addition: official site (in Spanish).


Natacha by François Walthery with the help of many others
Read general information about this comic starring an adventurous airhostess or view a page with sub-titles (4x100kB inline images). You can also take a look at this image collection. Françoise and Yves Parrat pay attention to guests in Natacha (in French). Kimmo Lakoma provides a list of Finnish Natasha albums (in Finnish). Script writer Etienne Borgers also supplies Natacha information: [1], [2].
Natasja: see Natacha
Nathan Never by Michele Medda, Antonio Serra and Bepi Vigna
An Italian science fiction comic published by Sergio Bonelli. You can find information about this comic on the sites of Emilio Saturnini (in Italian), the unofficial Bonelli Comics e-magazine (in Italian) and on the official Nathan Never site (in Italian).
Nefriti: see Nofret
Neige by Didier Convard and Gine
Bruno Brioni provides a review of the album La Chanson du Muet (in French).
Nemi by Lise Myhre
Short tales about the daily adventures of a young Norwegian woman. Background information and online comics are available on the fansite by Eva Marie Yri Skjøldt (in Norwegian).
Nero by Marc Sleen
Willy De Groof supplies a description of this comic together with images of the main characters.
Nestor Burma by Tardi
A comic about a French private investigator in the fifties. Based on novels by Léo Malet. You can read something about this comic on the site of Etienne Borgers. Information about the author Tardi can be found on the site bu R. Klaase.
Nofret by Sussi Bech
A page about Sussi Bech's prizewinning comic book series about the minoan princess Nofret, and her travels and adventures in Egypt during the reign of Pharao Akenaten. This series has been translated into French, Dutch, Swedish and Indonesian.
Noortje by Patty Klein and Jan Steeman
This very popular Dutch teenage girl comic has been appearing in the magazine Tina since 1975. Maarten Reijnders supplies some Noortje news from August 1996 (in Dutch). A list of albums can be found at De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Det Nya Folket by Jan-Åke Winqvist
A Swedish comic about prehistoric times (in Swedish).
Nyrok City by Mauri Kunnas
A Finnish western comic. Kimmo Lakoma supplies some information about it (in Finnish).

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