Translated page of Sjors & Sjimmie

This is page 32 of the Dutch collection book Cartoon Aid featuring Sjors & Sjimmie by Jan van Die, Wilbert Plijnaar and Robert van der Kroft. Earlier Sjors & Sjimmie stories were made by Frans Piët.

Sjors:   Butcher what is your contribution to stopping
         the hunger in the world?
butcher: Ehm... staying open an extra hour?
Sjors:   Wauw! Fifty sausages! Thanks butcher!
butcher: And success at the other stores!
Sjimmie: Birk supplied sixteen Milky Ways for our action!
Friend:  Correction... fifteen!

Sjimmie: Ai! If we send this to the Third World it will
         be gone bad before arriving!
Sjors:   Now what?
Friend:  We'll eat it all to prevent the same happening
         to us!
Friend:  ...Now I see things differently!
Sjors:   I know something! We'll organize a lottery!
Sjimmie: And we'll send the profit to the Third World!
Sjimmie: The advertising signs are almost finished!
Sjors:   I've made a wheel of fortune!

Sjimmie: Big money collecting action for the Third World.
         Buy lottery tickets!
Friend:  Only one ticket? Don't suppress your feeling of
         guilt as much as that!
Sjors:   And the first price goes to number 23!
Sally:   That number is mine!
Sjimmie: Congratulations Sally! There, four sausages!
Sjimmie: I'd like mine well-baked tonight!
Sjors:   Two Milky Ways go to number 17!

Sjors:   Ladies and gentlemen! We interrupt this lottery!
Sjors:   From an unsuspected source we suddenly have received
         a donation!
Sjimmie: How nice! Car demolishing company De Pletter donates 
         200 guilders!
Sjors:   And now we'll continue with our next winning number!

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