Translated page of Sjef van Oekel

This is page 31 of book 2 of Sjef van Oekel, title: Sjef van Oekel zoekt het hogerop (Sjef van Oekel wants to get on) by Theo van den Boogaard and Wim T. Schippers.

Latest news: Dolf Brouwers, the actor that played Sjef van Oekel, has died at the age of 85 in his residence in The Hague, The Netherlands in September 1997.

Van Oekel: Good evening. I'd like to register myself.
Van Oekel: I'm sorry I'm a little bit late but since I had no
           appointment I'm sure that this will not bother you.
Secretary: Who are you sir?
Van Oekel: That's not important right now.
Secretary: Then what are you doing here?
Van Oekel: Now that's something! I'm here for the job 
Secretary: Job announcement? I know nothing about a job 
Van Oekel: That's no surprise for me.

Van Oekel: It's true that I do not read the papers anymore and
           I skip all those stupid announcements but even then 
           I did not find anything even mildly resembling a job 
           announcement of you.
Secretary: Our firm...
Van Oekel: I don't even know the name of your firm!
Van Oekel: By registering myself as employee I am a money 
           saving factor for your firm right now...
Secretary: .......
Van Oekel: Let me finish!
Van Oekel: Because I know that even a simple announcement 
           costs a lot of money. But this is not my main point.

Van Oekel: What? You are going to phone someone while I take
           the trouble of abling you to perform your job?

Van Oekel: All right! If you're not prepared to receive me in a
           proper way...
Van Oekel: ...I'll find my way to this office labyrinth myself!

Van Oekel: Give me some stupid job.
Van Oekel: I'd like to perform some plain work for a change.
Manager:   You're here for work?! Where did you get this idea?!

Van Oekel: Don't get any idea please. Because if I'm not 
           satisfied, I'll be gone just like that. Remember 
Manager:   There is no work available here.
Van Oekel: Well if I was you I would start making it available.
           When I look at those charts...
Manager:   Far too many people work for us! It is very 
           difficult to give a reasonable amount of work to 
           all of our employees!
Van Oekel: Well if that is your problem I can reassure you.
Van Oekel: I promise you I'll perform such a small amount of
           work that no one will notice it.

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