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This is an overview of pointers to information on European comics (in French: bandes dessinées) that has been made available on the web. This site contains several sections:

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Series and Magazines (D-G)

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Dan Cooper by Albert Weinberg
Dan Cooper is a pilot of the Canadian Royal Air Force. You can read more abou this comic on the sites of Jean-Marc Lofficier, Piet Bakker (in Dutch), Ronald de Klerk and Torbjørn Selven (in Norwegian).
Dan Dare Pilot of the Future by Frank Hampson and others
British science fiction comic, published in the Eagle magazine. You might want to take a look at the Dan Dare pages by Berislav Krzic, Jack Lupic, Nicholas Hill, and Susan Stepney.
Dayak by Philippe Adamov
Maurice Fontaine has a French page on this science fiction comic by Philippe Adamov.
De Cape et de Crocs by Alain Ayroles and Jean-Luc Masbou
An adventure taking place at some undeterminable time in the past somewhere in Venice. You can take a look at the overview page supplied by Maurice Fontaine (in French).
Diabolik by Angela Giussani and Luciana Giussani
A popular Italian comic which presents adventures of a thief. You can take a look at the Diabolik Home Page (in Italian).
Dick Herisson by Didier Savard
A detective comic. Information about it can be found on the pages of Bdland (in French) and De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Dimensionsdetektiven by Ole Comoll Christensen and Niels Søndergaard
A Danish comic about the private detective Clement Skunk-Petersen. Niels Søndergaard provides information about this comic (in Danish).
Dirkjan by Mark Retera
A Dutch comic about a nerd. You can read more about it on the pages of publisher BigBaloon (in Dutch), Mario W and Rob Steenvoorde. Latest additions: Anonymous (in Dutch), Haanibal (in Dutch), Ilja Nieuwland, comics shop Lambiek, Marcel Wiegers (in Dutch) and Stripster (in Dutch).
Dock 21 by Rodolphe (Daniël Jacqette) and Alain Mounier
Adventure stories of Jack Forster. Information about it is available at Bdnet (in French) and De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Docteur Poche by Marc Wasterlain
Adventures of a doctor with red hat and a red coat. Willy De Groof has a picture of this comic hero. Latest addition: De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Doctor Justice
A French comic which presents the adventures of humanitarian doctor who fights both illness and inhustice. You can read more about it on the official site.
Dokter Zwitser: see Docteur Poche
Dommel: see Cubitus
Doorzon: see De familie Doorzon
A French comics magazine published by comic authors who try to find new ways of comic expression (in French).
Doudou der Poilu by Diana Sassé
A fantasy comic. More information about it can be found at the sites of Axiom (in German), author Diana Sassé, Thomas Zimmermann and WIeND (in German).
Doughface by Pulp Theatre Entertainment
An online British comic (requires Shockwave).
Douwe Dabbert by Piet Wijn and Thom Roep
Douwe Dabbert is a short guy with a white beard that experiences a lot of adventures. Publisher Big Balloon supplies information about issue 21 of this Dutch comic (in Dutch). There is also a Douwe Dabbert site by Erik Elzenaar (in Dutch).
D.R. & Quinch by Alan Moore and Alan Davis
You can read more about `D.R. & Quinch's totally awesome guide to life' in Kjetil Valstadsve's D.R. & Quinch scan page. Or take a look at Stephen Camper's Alan Moore Fan Site.
Dreaming Baby by Davide Saraceno
An online comic from Italy about children starting a life on their own.
Dry Bones by Yaakov Kirschen
A political comic from Israel which appears in The Jerusalem Post.
Druuna by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Take a look at the Druuna pages by Loic Strullu and Christophe Hocquaux, and Martin Inch Latest additions: 69pass (in Italian), Araminta, Christophe Rouillard (in French) and Daniel Hediger.
Du côté de chez Poje by Louis-Michel Carpentier
A hilarious comic. The author supplies information about the comic (in French).
De Duistere Steden: see Les Cités Obscures
Durango by Yves Swolfs
You can pay a visit to Gert Beumer's Durango page or take a look at the Yves Swolfs page by Marc Guislain (in French).
Dylan Dog by diffrent authors
One of the most popular contemporary Italian comics. Some information about this comic can be found on the uBC Fumetti site (in Italian). Latest additions: Carlsen Comics (in German), Filippo Coppola (in Italian), Marco Ausiello (in Italian) and Stargate (in Italian).


Édika cartoons by Édouard Carali
Weird humor presented by Henrik Cañadas.
Egoland by Ivar Gjørup
A Danish newspaper about various topics. You can take a look at the official site (in Danish).
L'Épervier by Patrice Pellerin
Some information about this comic and its author can be found on the sites of BDCIS (in French), the Brest comics festival (in French).
Eppo magazine
Floris Wiesman has created an index for this Dutch comics magazine (in Dutch). Dik Winter supplies a text version of this index (in Dutch) and also indexes for Eppo's predecessor Pep and its successors Eppo Wordt Vervolgd magazine and Sjors & Sjimmie magazine (all in Dutch). There is another Pep page by Piet Bakker (in Dutch). After this the magazine has been renamed to SjoSji and Striparazzi. It does not exist anymore.
Die Exakten by Roland Jehring
A German online comic about the two special agents Gully and Modder.
The Exodus by Luc Leplae
An on-line autobiographical comic about a family that tries to escape from the German army in 1940.


De familie Doorzon by Gerrit de Jager
A comic starring a crazy Dutch family. You can read some general information about the comic or view a page with English sub-titles (4x70kB inline images). You can also take a look at the Gerrit de Jager information by publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch) (in Dutch) or read an interview with Gerrit de Jager by Gert Meesters (in Dutch).
De familie Fortuin by Peter de Wit
Yet another Dutch comic about a crazy family. It is published by publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch).
F.C. De Kampioenen by Hec Leemans
A Belgian comic about an amateur soccer club. The comic was based on a tv series. You can find more information on this comic and its author at the pages of Etienne Borgers, Frank Koper (in Dutch), newspaper De Standaard (in Dutch) and De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Les Femmes en Blanc by Bercovici and Raoul Cauvin
A series about nurses in an unusual hospital. Read the introduction by Willy De Groof.
Finn & Fiffi: see Suske & Wiske
Finn Finn Finn by Finn William Bjølseth
Information about this Norwegian comics can be found on the Finn Finn Finn homepage (in Norwegian).
A French comic magazine which appears three times per year (in French).
Flip Flink: see Marc Dacier
Fluide Glacial
A French comics magazine (in French).
Franka by Henk Kuijpers
The Dutch girl in her struggle against crime and injustice. You can take a look at the Franka pages by André Nieuwland (in Dutch), Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Jacob Sparre Andersen (in Danish), Martin Hooymans, Roy van der Pijl (in Dutch), Uwe Trenkner (in German). Since September 1998 there is an official Franka homepage (in Dutch).
Frommeltje & Viola: see Bidouille & Violette


Les Galaxiens by Gos and Walt
A series about nice green men from outher space. A list of albums can be found at the site of De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Le gang Mazda by Darasse and Tome
Françoise and Yves Parrat have a nice page about this comic about three comic artists (in French). Are they Hislaire, Michets and Darasse?
Gaston Lagaffe by André Franquin
Gaston Lagaffe is a clumsy office help causing disasters at his work but also capable of creating ingenious artefacts. There are many people with information on Gaston and his creator André Franquin: Bjørge Stavik (in Norwegian), Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Nicolai Langfeldt, Teemu Mäkinen and Trond Are Undem (in Norwegian). If you want even more then take a look at these Gaston Lagaffe links. Latest addition: Mayannaises - Productions (in French).
De generaal by Peter de Smet
The great Dutch comic starring a general who wants to overthrow a marshal. You can read general information about this comic or view a page with sub-titles (4x80kB inline images). This comic is published by publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch). Floris Wiesman has a list of apperances of de generaal in Eppo (in Dutch).
Génial Olivier by Jacques Devos
Olivier is a genius school kid but he gets in trouble quite often. Willy De Groof supplies an image from this comic.
Génie des Alpages by F'murr
Some covers are displayed on Librairie On Line (in French).
German en Wij: see Germain et Nous
Germain et Nous by Frédéric Jannin
A comics about teenagers. You can read something about the author Frédéric Jannin at the site of Eric Lamiroy (in French).
Edvin Sandberg's site for the Swedish comics magazine Gigant (in Swedish).
Gil Jourdan by Maurice Tillieux
No specific information about this comic yet but Lambiek offers some information about the author Maurice Tillieux (in French).
Ginger by Jidéhem
You can read something about this secret agent comic on Etienne Borgers's site dedicated to author Jidéhem (in full: Jean de Mesmaeker).
Giuseppe Bergman by Milo Manara
There is not much information available on this comic but you can obtain information about the artist Milo Manara from the pages of Antoine Terracol (in French), Christophe Rouillard, Martin Inch, Teemu Mäkinen and from the official Manara site.
Goomer by Ricardo and Nacho
A Spanish comic which appears regularly in the newspaper El Mundo (in Spanish).
G. Raf Zerk by Marc Hardy and Raoul Cauvin
Strange things are happening at Raf's cemetary. View a page with sub-titles (4x60kB inline images) or take a look at the image supplied by Willy De Groof. The French name of this comic hero is Pierre Tombal. Louis-Michel Carpentier supplies information about script writer Raoul Cauvin (in French)
Le Grand Pouvoir du Chninkel by Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosinski
Information about this comic can be found on the site dedicated to author Jean Van Hamme by Badr Chentouf (in French).
Gummbah Comics by Gummbah
Gummbah is a Dutch artists who produces one-image stories about different topics. You can view his work on the pages of M. Langerhuizen (in Dutch) and Maarten (in Dutch). Latest addition: Hi-design (in Dutch).
Guus Slim: see Gil Jourdan
Guust Flater: see Gaston Lagaffe

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