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This is an overview of pointers to information on European comics (in French: bandes dessinées) that has been made available on the web. This site contains several sections:

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If you know relevant sites which are not mentioned in this overview then please mail them to erikt(at) or use the submission form for bringing them under our attention.

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Regarding the alphabetical order in these lists: note that we ignore articles. So if you are looking for a title starting with "the" (English), "la" (French) or "de" (Dutch) you need to search for the second word of the name.

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At the moment there is no news

Announcements of European comics festivals can be found at the events pages of BD Paradisio (in French) and Topgame (in French).

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AAA Aardvark - WraithSpace Comics Index
A general comics index. They have their comics links divided in neat categories.
ADBD : Annuaire des Bandes dessinées
A French overview site with pointers to information about comics, their authors, mailing lists and publishers (in French).
L'Annuaire De La Bande Dessinée
A comics overview site which offers information about authors, series, publishers and more (in French).
BD Online
A large overview site providing information about various European comics (in French). Provided by Pierre Côté.
BD Paradisio
A very complete comics site with a list of events and interviews and background information on many European comic authors. They advertise themselves as "Meeting point for all the french comics. Complete database of authors, new books, interviews, pictures, forum,....". Definitely worth visiting if you understand French.
Christian Mariavelle's comic site which provides information about different European comics (in French).
The Collector's File
An initiative of a group of volunteers to get information about all Dutch comics on CD-ROM (in Dutch).
Comic Radio Show
A large German overview site that offers information about comics, authors and publishers among others (in German).
Comic-Surf: Comicer
Thomas Kobbe maintains a list of German and international comics sites (in German).
The Comics Kosmos
A swedish comic index with among others information about European comics and Scandinavian comics. Supplied by Jonas Lidén and Anna Nilsson.
Cool French Comics
An overview of French comics presented by Jean-Marc Lofficier.
A large overview site with a lot of information on comics.
The Grand Comic-Book Database Project
GCD aims at creating a database containing all comic books ever published in the world. The organization has local branches in Germany, Italy, Norway and Sweden (in Swedish).
Jacob Sparre Andersen's tegneserieside
The Danish comics site of Jacob Sparre Andersen. If you want to know how the names of some famous European comics characters in Danish, this is the place too visit.
Jean-Marc Lofficier Comics
An comics overview site which describes French sf, fantasy and horror series.
An organization that collects links. They have among others a Bandes dessinées page (in French).
Olé: Comics
A big list of Spanish comics provided by the Spanish equivalent of Yahoo! (in Spanish).
A site containing historical and background information about many European comics. By Alain Beyrand from France.
Record Covers Drawn by Comic Artists
A unique overview of comics related record covers supplied by Ronald de Klerk.
A Dutch overview page with links to sites covering European comics (in Dutch).
De Strippagina
An extensive overview of Dutch comics that are available from bookshops at this moment. Maintained by Remco Slegtenhorst (in Dutch).
Swiss Comics
An overview page with comics from Switzerland such as Buddy Longway and Yakari.
Willy's Comic Gallery
An overview page for Belgian comics.
A large German site with information about different comics (in German).
A Dutch overview site which provides a comic encyclopedia, a comics shop list and comic links (in Dutch).
Zetman's Comicpage
Thomas Zimmermann's site with information about many European comic artists (in German).
De Zilveren Dolfijn
A huge overview site of most comics that have been issued in The Netherlands and Belgium with information about series, artists, script writers and publishers (in Dutch). Supplied by Cees van de Griend Edwin Dreef, Gien van den Enden and Lia van den Enden.

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Alain Beaulet
A French comics publisher (in French). Distributes among others work of Bilal, Berberian, Christin, Dupuy, Loustal and Tardi.
A Dutch comics publisher which concentrates on issueing less commercial comics (in Dutch, German and Danish).
Big Balloon
A Dutch comics publisher that supplies information mainly in Dutch. Apart from that they have a great site! For instance, check their new releases
Bonelli Publishing Company
The Italian publishing company of Sergio Bonelli (in Italian).
La Cafetière
A Belgian small-press comics publisher which among others issues work of Denis Lapière and Maaike Hartjes (in French).
Carlsen Comics
Denmark's comics publisher no. 1 - monthly updated homepage with news, quiz, comics, pictures, links and much more. Publisher of a.o. Tintin, Thorgal, Spirou, Gaston LaGaffe, Doonesbury, Bone, Elfquest, Prince Valiant and many more in Denmark. And a lot of great danish comics, too, like Nofret (Nefriti), Valhalla a.o. (in Danish)
Casterman is a French publisher which among others publishes Tintin by Herge and Alix (in French)
Le Chat Mort
A Dutch publisher specialized in Frisian comics (site in Dutch). Publishes among others Tom Poes, Kapitein Rob, Erik de Noorman, Suske en Wiske and Asterix.
ComCat Comics
A publisher of comics that have been translated from French to English. They publish among others Blake and Mortimer, Kogaratsu, XIII and Yoko Tsuno.
Read general information in French about this comics publisher.
Dupuis Publishers
Dupuis publishers in Belgium is responsible for publishing comics such as Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe and Lucky Luke.
Edition Brunft
An Austrian publisher which among others publishes stuff by Mahler and Wolf (in German).
Les Editions Franĉois Boudet
A French publisher which issues comics on cd-rom (in French).
Independent publishing house located in Belgium (in French).
A French publisher which publishes Prince Vailant among others (in French).
Les Humanoïdes Associés
A big French comics site with information about different European comic authors like for example Derib, Jodorowsky, Moebius, Peeters, Turk & de Groot, Schuiten, Swolfs and Yann.
JIPPI Forlag
A Norwegian comics publisher (in Norwegian).
Jochen Enterprises
A German comics publisher which specializes in alternative and underground comics
A French publisher responsible for comics like Bernard Prince, Buddy Longway, Comanche, Isabelle, Johan et Pirlouit, Michel Vaillant, Rork, Les Schtroumpfs and Thorgal.
Magic Cartoons
A Danish comics publisher
PMJ Editions
A French publisher which among others publishes work by Berberian, Dupuy, Loustal and Tardi (in French).
Pokus Forlag
A Norwegian publisher of underground comics located in Tromsø (in Norwegian). They also seem to take mail orders.
Sandking Studio
A Dutch comics publisher.
Slab-O-Concrete Publications
A British publisher located in Brighton, UK and specialized in independently produced comics.
Standaard Uitgeverij
A Belgian publisher which is amon others reponsible for Suske & Wiske, Nero and Kiekeboe (in Dutch and French).
Soaring Penguin
A British comics publisher which among others prints the comic anthology Meanwhile...
Sylvester strips
Dutch publising company which among others is responsible for the lastest issues of the popular albums of Agent 327, Dirkjan and Heinz (in Dutch)
An Italian comics publisher (?) (in Italian).
A Belgian comics publisher which among others publishes the work of Louis-Michel Carpentier (in French).
Uitgeverij Panda
A Dutch publisher which is specialized in publishing collection of newspaper comics (in Dutch).
Under Comic
Under Comic is a Spanish publishing company. They have information about different comics (in Spanish).
A British comic publisher which is a cooperation of artists.

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321 BD
This site offers comics and comic related stuff for sale (in French).
A Dutch comic shop located in Groningen (in Dutch). They do mail orders.
A French comic shop located in Paris (in French).
A Portuguese comics shop group with shop in Lisbon and Porto (in Portuguese).
A French comic shop located in Montigny le Bretonneux (in French).
A Belgian comic shop (in French).
Bentlin Bücherland
A German bookshop which is specialized in comic-art-books and erotic comics (in German).
Het Besloten Land
A comic shop located in Leuven, Belgium with a vast collection of alternative comics in Dutch, French and English (in Dutch).
An orgazination that sells original comics and comic related stuff (in French).
Chris' Comics Corner
A Polish comic shop located in Poznan (in Polish).
Comic Stripshop
A Dutch comic shops group which offer the opportunity for online shopping (in Dutch)
A Swiss comics shop that offers the opportunity for mail orders (in German).
An online comic shop located in Huizen, The Netherlands (in Dutch).
Eppo Stripspeciaalzaak
A Dutch comic shop located in Eindhoven (in Dutch).
An American online shop which sells European comics.
European comic book shops
You can search for European comic book stores in Erik TKS's out of date comics bookshop list There is also a page with German shops provided by Carlsen Comics (in German).
A Danish comics shop which takes email orders (in Danish)
Forbidden Zone
A Belgian comics shop located in Brussels. (in French). They sell European and Amrican comics.
Grober Unfug
A German comics shop (in German).
Galerie Lambiek
A Dutch comics bookshop situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Il était une fois...
A Canadian comics shops which specializes in comics merchadise such as t-shirts, figures and clocks (in French).
A comics shop located in Quebec, Canada (in French).
A British bookshop which specializes in used books. They offer European comics as well.
A Finnish comics shop where mail orders are possible (in Finnish).
Lambiek: see Galerie Lambiek
A Spanish comic bookshop which has many European comic albums available (in Spanish).
Librarie Marche du Livre
A Canadian bookstore that is specialized in European comics (in French).
Little Nemo
An Italian bookshop which among others sells old comic books
Mekanik Strip
A Belgian comics shop located in Antwerp.
Norma Comics Sabadell
A Spanish comic bookshop (in Spanish). The seem to accept mail orders
Originalzeichnungen & Drucke
Axel Werner's German comic shop located in Ingelheim which among others has European comics in stock (in German).
Planet BD
An online comics shop located in Ontario, Canada. Apart from comics they also sell t-shirts and other comics items.
De Poort
A Belgian comics shop located in Gent (in Dutch).
Staffars serier
A Swedish comics shop located in Stockholm (in Swedish).
Strip & Tijdschriftenhandel Noord
A Dutch comics shop located in Rotterdam (in Dutch). They seem to accept mail orders.
The Tintinshop
An official Dutch Tintin shop which is specialized in Tintin books and Tintin merchandise. It is located in Den Bosch.
Tistjen Dop
A Belgian comics shop located in Turnhout (in Dutch).
Twin Engine
A Swedish online comics shop which also distributes some free comics.

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