Translated page of Spirou & Fantasio

This is page 23 of book Buiten reeks 2 (Out of sequence 2) of Spirou & Fantasio, title: Radar de robot (Radar the Robot) by André Franquin.

Spirou:    Thanks a lot Fantasio! Taking me to a dump like
           this in weather like this!...
Spirou:    You could have made this report by yourself.

Fantasio:  Look what I've got!
Spirou:    Great! Too bad there is no power socket.
Fantasio:  I thought about that. We just need to fit this in
           the light socket...
Spirou:    The wire is too short...
Fantasio:  Never mind, let's try it...

Fantasio:  Well I never... The light doesn't even turn on!
Spirou:    Something must have come loose on the journey.

Spirou:    Say! We didn't turn on the lights...
Spirou:    Come on! Time for dinner...

Fantasio:  Gee?! Why are all these guys in such a hurry?
Spirou:    It's quite tough, this steak!
Old lady:  Close the door! He still is in the city!
Old lady:  I saw him. He was driving over the bridge! 
           And he was laughing! What will happen to us?!..

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