Samson & Gert

Drawnings: Jean-Pol and Wim Swerts
Scripts: Danny Verbiest, Gert Verhulst, Hans Bourlon

This comic is based on a weekly story on television in Belgium (BRTN). Gert Verhulst is a anchor-man who has started a child program about himself living together with a dog called Samson. The series is very popular. Every Sunday at 9.00 am thousands of children want to see their adventures. During the holidays Samson and Gert travel around with a show. Their Christmas show is an annual event. In 1991 they released their first CD and audio-cassette and since then it hasn't stopped! Everybody knows their songs like "There's more in a song", "Samsonrock", "If you're afraid", "We go to the moon", and so on ...

And the comic?

Who's Who?


A nice little dog that can talk. He's a little bit naive and doesn't understand all the big-mans-words. He pronounces some words totaly wrong (printed in bold in the comic). He and Gert are very close friends. Samson has a little friend called Bobientje (also a dog but it is never shown in the TV-story or the comic).


Gert lives in the same house as Samson. Gert has a girl-friend called Marlene. Gert will do just about everything for her. She also is a mystery because she's never been seen in the TV-story nor in the comic. Gert will always help Samson.

Albert Vermeersch

He's a barber who lives next to Samson and Gert. He dreams of becoming a famous opera-singer. Therefore he wants to be called Alberto Vermicelli but Samson always speaks of Mister Spaghetti. Alberto lives with his mama. In the TV-series Alberto is played by Koen Crucke, a well-known and very popular singer of both opera and popular songs.

The mayor

The mayor of the village is mister Modeste. He loves to make model aeroplanes. He has a housekeeper Marie and a secretary called Mister Van Leemhuyzen.

Octaaf De Bolle

Samson calls him 'De Raaf' (The Raven) instead of Octaaf. He lives in the same street as Samson and Gert. Octaaf works in a warehouse and is vice-minister of a gymnastics-group 'De spieren los' (Get the muscles loosened).

The Comics

  1. Wat is dat hier, zeg !
  2. Dat is toch geen plobreem !
  3. Ik moest kloppen ...
  4. De bel doet het niet.
  5. Circus in het dorp
  6. De goede-daden-man
  7. De komst van Sinterklaas
  8. Kermis op stelten
  9. Octaaf piloot
  10. Mac Samsom en Mac Gert
  11. Reis naar Mars
  12. Samson Superster
  13. De drie biggetjes

Images of the main characters of this comic are available in the Samson & Gert page of Willy's Comics Gallery.

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