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This is an overview of pointers to information on European comics (in French: bandes dessinées) that has been made available on the web. This site contains several sections:

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Regarding the alphabetical order in these lists: note that we ignore articles. So if you are looking for a title starting with "the" (English), "la" (French) or "de" (Dutch) you need to search for the second word of the name.

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1001 BD
Renard Rouge's site with verious information about European comics (in French).
AB Collections
Michel Dufaure's comics page where he offers old comics for sale (in French).
Anonima Fumetti
An Italian comics organization (in Italian).
The Art of Sverre H. Kristensen
Jan Bruun's memorial website for the Danish comic artist Sverre H. Kristensen.
A Portuguese site with news, reviews and other information about comics (in Portuguese).
BD oubliées
A site that provides information about forgotten comics (in French).
Le Bd Surfeur
A site with online information about different European comics (in French).
B. Dejas
Cartoons and other work of the French artist B. Dejas (in French).
A group of comic artists located in Gent, Belgium which publish comics and a magazine, and organize exhibitions (in Dutch).
Het besloten land
A Belgian site with different information about comics, among others information about recent issues (in Dutch).
A French site which offers original comics for sale (in French).
CAB Arts Home
A site which contains information about the German comic artist Cedric Bucerius.
Calendrier du centenaire
A chronological overview of 100 years of comics (in French).
El Can
Spanish website providing caricatures and some comics info (in Spanish).
Caricature Zone
A Belgian site that offers caricatures of famous people. Created by Marie and Patrick Sterno-Meunier.
Cartoon Rating
Online rating of cartoons from Russia and other countries (in Russian).
A site which offers pointers to the work of many cartoonists.
Cartoons by Gaspirtz by Oliver Gaspirtz
Site covering the work of the German comic artist Oliver Gaspirtz.
Cartoons Online
Kay Siegert's game site with some cartoon characters.
Cartoon World
Bill Asprey's British portal site for comic makers and comic fans.
Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinee
A Belgian organization for the promotion of comics.
Centre Religieux d'Information et d'Analyse de la Bande Dessinie
A website about Christian comics in 39 languages (in French).
Christian Comics International
An organisation supporting Christian comics among which European Christian comics.
Cizgi Roman
A Turkish comics site which among others offers information about European comics (in Turkish). Maintained by Altin Madalyon.
Comic Art Gallery
Raimundo's collecion of images made by European comic artists (in Spanish).
Comic House
An overview of work by contemporary Dutch and Belgian comic artists.
Comic in Poland
Igor Soszynski's web page dedicated to Polish comics and Polish comic magazines.
La Comicativa
A general comics overview page (in Spanish).
Comics 2000
Juan Benita's selection of best comics published in Spain in 1997 (in Spanish).
Comics Dunyasi Cizgi Roman Kulturu Sitesi
A Turkish site with information about comics (in Turkish).
Comics from Russia
An overview site which presents original Russian comics.
Comics Images
Contains links to about 20 covers of different European comics.
An online collection of original russian comics (sci-fi, tales, adventures, humor). By Andrey Ayoshin.
Comics Reviews
Comics Reviews by Jean Rogers
The Comics World
Miscelleanous information about comics (in French).
A German comic site with many funny images (in German).
Concombre Masqué
Mandryka's comic web site about a masked cucumber and a kohlrabi.
Damsels in Distress
An unusal site covering damsels in distress in comics.
Dany's Stripkalender
Dany Heyndels's calendar of comics-related activities in Europe (in Dutch).
Dedicated to ...
Some people collect autographs of comic authors with small pictures and put their collection of these on the web. Here are some collections: Florent Balard (in French), Maxime Veron (in French). and Patrice Cappelle (in French). Latest addition: Charles Hubentz (in French).
Dik Winter's Comics Site
At this comics site you will find indexes for some Dutch comics magazines (Pep, Eppo Wordt Vervolgd and SjoSji), Tintin scans and information about comics quizzes.
Disabled Comic Collector's Club
An international club for disabled people that collect comics. Founded by Ken Johnston.
Efpé BD
Frederic Pierard's page with pictures of all sorts of European comic gadgets like cups, glasses, figures, key rings, cards, stamps and pegs (in French).
Andreas Johansson's site for presenting beginning comics artists.
Emmers stripsite
A collection of information about comics: news, events and reviews (in Dutch). Supplied by Maarten Reijnders
Eric Lamiroy's comics page
A comics page with among others images of dedications of comic artists (in French).
Home page of the Belgian cartoonist Erwin Vanmol (in Dutch).
Espace BD
A Belgian organisation that organises expositions about European comics (in French). Located in Brussels.
A web ring with pointers to sites about European comics (in French).
European Comic Reviews of the Cuckoo
A collection of comic reviews which discusses among others work by Franquin, Maaike Hartjes, Kriek, Matena, Ptiluc, Barbara Stok and Tardi.
Fano Funny
An Italian comics group that organizes comics festivals.
Felyn's Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Adventure Comics
Information about French comics in the fantasy, science fiction and adventure genre.
Festival de Bande Dessinée de Bruxelles
A comics festival which will be held in Brussels at May 4 and 5, 1996 (in French but they are working on an English page)
The Finnish Comics Society
A collection of on-line comics created by different Finnish artists. Also known as NetComics Weekly. More links to on-line comics can be found in Sami Köykkä's Comics in WWW. is a French Usenet newsgroup. Now there is an archive with articles available (in French).
Fumetto Comics Festival
A Swiss comics festival (in German).
An Italian site which invites comic artists to submit their work to them.
GBDAO: Gestion de Bandes Dessinées Assistée par Ordinateur
An organization which offers software for managing comic book collections (in French).
Gert Meesters's comics interviews
A list of comics interviews by Gert Meesters (in Dutch).
An overview of the work of the (Galician?) cartoonist Gogue. There is a related site by The Bush Blade.
La Grande Ourse
A French comic site dedicated to comic lovers (in French).
Héroïnes BD
This comic site by Olivier Grassini, Laurent Joudon and Christophe Dufflot presents information about the female hero's in European comics (in French).
A Spanish comic portal wth among others news, discussion forums and mailing lists (in Spanish).
Honk Studios
Johann Kiefersauer's German comic studio which is reponsible for the comics Dr. Bubi Livingston and Käp`ten Blaubär (in German).
Hugues Fasbender's Comics Contest
A comics site which aims at finding the ten best and the ten worst comics (in French).
A French organization which distributes information about comics. Their site supplies among other information about comic festivals, and pictures by well-known comic artists (in French).
Ismail KARcomic
Home page of the Turkish comic artist Ismail Kar.
Jaime Martin
Information about the Spanish comic artist Jaime Martin and his work (in Spanish). He writes for Ediciones La Cúpula and El Víb.
Jean-Marc Reiser
Information about the French comic artist Jean-Marc Reiser is supplied by David Nortershauser (in French), Moon JongBae (in Korean), Kormoran (in Bosnian?) and Lambiek.
Jeroen Janssen Comics
Information about the Belgian comic artist Jeroen Janssen and his work.
Jerry Magni
The home page of the Italian comic artist Jerry Magni.
J.M. Gruet
Information abou the French comic artist Jean-Michel Gruet, among others author of En Cyclopedie.
Jörg Bechmann
Information abou the work of the German comic artist Jörg Bechmann.
A dictionary of special comic words like OOOUUUCHHH and BAOOOM. Maintained by Kevin J. Taylor.
Katz & Goldt
Illustrated homepage of Katz & Goldt, as they put it themselves: two lovely guys from Berlin (in German).
Koen Mortelmans's Strips
An selection by Koen Mortelmans of information about Flemish comics (in Dutch).
De Linkadoor
Jeroen François's general comics site with news, reviews and links (in Dutch).
Loopy Enterprises Artists' Association
An organization that attempts to give artists more exposure on the net.
Mailing lists
There are several comics related mailing lists: a general Dutch mailing list, a general Spanish mailing list, and there are also specialized lists dedicated to Asterix (English) and Tintin (French).
Marco Corona's Comics Page
The comics page of an Italian comics artist.
Marky Mark's Stripalbums
The comics collection of Mark van der Sluis.
Mars Gremmen
There are two sites about the Dutch comic artists Marc Gremmen: one maintained by @ggie (in Dutch) and one maintained by the artist himself: Mars Gremmen (in Dutch).
Maurice Fontaine's Comics Page
An overview page containing links to French comics such as Pin-up, Dayak and Les 7 Vies de l'Epervier (in French)
Metaphrog is a duo of two comic creators that work in Scotland.
Michèle Laframboise's Comics Page
The comics page of the artist Michèle Laframboise with information about her comics Pianissimo!, Technologie Salvatrice and Les aventures écologiques du CREM.
Michele Medda
The home page of Italian comic artist Michele Medda who among others works on Nathan Never and Dylan Dog (in Ital;ian).
Opale BD
A French organization which offers comics artists the possibility of exposing their work on the web (in French).
ORF on Comics
The comics site of the Austrian national broadcasting organization (in German).
A German overview site with comic reviews and links (in German).
Pen, Ink and Beyond
Information about a comic drawing course created by the Italian Disney artists.
Phil Elliott's Comics
The comics page of British artist Phil Elliott with information and online preview pages of his work.
Pressibus is a comics site created by Alain Beyrand and dedicated to comics which appear in French newspapers Also contains information about other "bandes dessinées". (in French).
A newsgroup about European comics.
A group of people which collect advertisement comics, that is comics which are used as advertisements (in Dutch).
Schüttfort's Cartoons & Comics
Comics by the German comic artist Ulrich Schüttfort (in German). With among others the adventures of Der Kröte.
Screensavers for European comics are offered by Mark Thissen.
A Swedish comics artists agency (in Swedish). You can contact them if you need comic artists, either for illustrations or stories.
Serier - information och länkar
Johan Blixt's information site about Swedish comics (in Swedish).
Series SF
Patrice Vernet's overview of European science fiction comics (in French). Covers among others Druuna, Le cycle de Cyann, Les naufragis du temps, Luc Orient, La caste des Mita-Barons and La guerre iternelle.
Announcement of Esbjörn Jorsäter's school where you can learn drawing comics (in Swedish) or create storyboards. Both offer distance courses. In February 2000 they have started an ezine (in Swedish). They organize a comic contest for Nordic authors (in Swedish).
This Italian? site claims to offer shockwave comics (cannot verify this).
The Sindacato Italiano Lavoratori del Fumetto is an Italian union for comic artists (in Italian).
Skydog Comics
A German comic studio.
Sound Comics
A description of a multi-lingual CD based on a comic (in French).
A site with comments on different comics (in French).
Stephane Lemaire's Bandes-Dessinées page
A site with information about different European comic authors (in French).
Stephane Riviere's Bandes-Dessinées page
Stephane Riviere supplies an comics overview page in French.
Steven Heyse website
Home page of the Belgian artist Steven Heyse (in Dutch).
Pieter Maerien's site with various information about European comics (in Dutch).
A site which is planning to offer space for buying and selling original comic drawings (in Dutch). By R. Crawfurd.
Stripschap is a Dutch comics fan organization (in Dutch).
This site promotes Dutch and Flemish small-press comics authors by presenting information about them and their work (in Dutch).
Studio Babbelstan
Dutch studio which creates comics and related artwork.
El Tebeo
A general comics page in Spanish presented by Alberto Sintes Villar
Los Tebeos de Siempre
José Luis Bernier Villamor's site dedicated to Spanish comics (in Spanish).
Telemark Tegneserieverksted
I believe that this a an art studio which among other things produces comics. It is run by Tor Arne Hegna and others You may want to check it out for yourself.
Teemu Mäkinen's Cartoon books page
Teemu Mäkinen maintains an overview page of European cartoons.
TMF Software Multimedia
A Spanish software company that offers a computer-aided course for learning how to draw comics (in Spanish).
l'Univers BD
A big comics site with interviews, games and information about comics.
Unofficial Bonelli Comics E-Magazine
The Unofficial Bonelli Collector's Home Page (uBC) is a site for the collectors of comics published by the Italian publisher Sergio Bonelli like Dylan Dog, Martin Mystére, Mister No, Nathan Never, Tex and Zagor.
Vlad Kolarov Comics
The comic work of the Bulgarian artist Vlad Kolarov is displayed on at least two sites: and e!Toon.
Volodja Sivcevic
Home page of the Yugoslavian multimedia artist Volodja Sivcevic which includes some of his comics work.
An overview of major Belgian comics supplied by Etienne Borgers. Borgers is among others responsible for scripts of Natascha by François Walthery.
Westren Comics Page
Gert Beumer's Westren Comics Page contains links to Western Comics information about Blueberry, Buddy Longway, Comanche and Durango.
The World's Edge Diner
The home page of the French comic artist Christophe Marchetti, also known as Ze Lunatic Corsican (in French).
Yuri Comicspace
On-line comics made by the Dutch artist Yuri Landman
Yves Parrat's Comic Site
A site which pays attention comic characters and comic authors who are guest stars in some other comic (in French).
Zlatko Milenkovic
A Yugoslavian comics author from the city of Novi Sad.
Zucco's Home Page
A site displaying the work of the Belgian comic artists Arnaud Abel (alias Zucco).

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