Translated page of Sammy

This is page 15 of book 26 of Sammy, title: Crash in Wall Street by Berck (Arthur Berckmans) and Raoul Cauvin.

mr. Palance:  Berthy! Get the car! Quick!
Berthy:       Which one? The pink one or the blue one?
mr. Palance:  Who cares! My bodyguards! Where are my 
Sammy:        I believe something has happened...

mr. Palance:  To Wall Street! Fast!
chauffeur:    Very well sir.
Sammy:        I don't want to be indiscrete mr. Palance 
              but can you tell me what has happened?
mr. Palance:  I have got a call from one of my exchange 
              brokers. Things are not going well at the 
              stock exchange...

mr. Palance:  The stocks are falling, exchange rates are
              dropping and telex machines go crazy.
Jack:         Is it serious?
mr. Palance:  Serious? My whole fortune is at stake... 
              And your fifty dollars...
Jack:         Berthy! Faster!

mr. Palance:  We'll stay in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel close 
              to the stock exchange. I want to be there 
              first thing tomorrow.
Jack:         Me too.
hotel clerk:  We've reserved the royal suite for you, mr 
mr. Palance:  Thanks! Bring us some bottles champagne and 
              the papers of today.

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