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This is an overview of pointers to information on European comics (in French: bandes dessinées) that has been made available on the web. This site contains several sections:

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Series and Magazines (T-Z)

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Taco Zip by Jakketoe, Luc Cromheecke and Gert Fritzgerald
An absurd Belgian comic strip. Visit the Taco Zip home page by Arne-Willem van den Burg or take read some information about author Luc Cromheecke.
Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin
Pay a visit to Bob Rosenberg's Tank Girl WWW site if you want to know more about this comic.
Tex Willer by Gianluigi Bonelli, Aurelio Galleppini and others
An Italian comic about the Wild West. You you can obtain information about it on the sites of Bellingham (in Finnish), Erik van Helvoort (in Dutch), Ilpo Lagerstedt (in Finnish), Informacitta (in Italian) and Marco Gremignai.
Théodore Poussin by Frank Le Gall
Adventures of traveller Theodore Poussin. You can read something about this comic on the sites of Anonymous (in French), Bdparadisio (in French), Bd-planchesoriginales (in French), publisher Dupuis and comics shop Lambiek.
The third testament: see Le troisiéme Testament
Thorgal by Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosinski
There is information about author Jean Van Hamme on the sites of BD Paradisio (in French). You can find information about Thorgal on the pages of Club BD (in French), Jacob Sparre Andersen (in Danish), publisher Lombard (in French), Marc Guislain (in French), Stijn Donders and Willy De Groof.
Tif & Tondu by Stephen Desberg and Maurice Tillieux
The comic about two detectives: one has black beard and the other is bald. Information about Maurice Tillieux can be found on the site of Thierry Winants (in French). The comic is currently drawn by Sikorski and Lapiére.
Tintin by Hergé (Georges Remi)
The Belgian comic about the adventurous reporter Tintin and his white dog Milou. There is more information available than can be displayed here. Visit the link sites of Nicolas Sabourin (in French) and T.F. Mills for overviews. Three major sites are The Cult of Tintin (down?), the Official Tintin site and the site of Nicolas Sabourin (in French). Some other persons with Tintin pages: Damien Dogmael (in French), Dik T. Winter, Floris Wiesman (in Dutch) and Teemu Mäkinen. Latest addition: Tintin quiz.
Titeuf by Zep
There is a special site for the Swiss author of this comic (in French)
Tom Poes by Marten Toonder
The only comic that got literature status in The Netherlands. About the cat with his aristocratic friend Ollie B. Bommel. You can read something about the creator Marten Toonder or visit his publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch). There is also a Marten-ToonderVerzamelaarsclub (Marten Toonders Collection Club, in Dutch).
Tomas Rindt by Erika Raven and Marcel Rouffa
A comic about a war reporter. There is also a general site about the Belgian artist Erika Raven who is also responsible for Ripley, Zimbabwe, Icebound and Spinrag (in Dutch).
Tom Carbon by Laurent Letzer and Luc Cromheecke
A humorous Belgian comic about uncle Tom Carbon. There is information available on this comic and its authors on the sites of BDoubliées (in French), Comic House, Nelson Interactive and De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
De torens van Schemerwoude: see Les Tours de Bois-Maury
Les Tours de Bois-Maury by Hermann (Hermann Huppen)
A historical saga consisting of ten books. Read the general introduction by Jocelyn Legault.
Transtar Process by Yves Nicodeme
An online adventurous comic.
Los Tres
A Spanish/Dutch comics magazine (in Dutch).
The Trigan Empire by Don Lawrence
A science-fiction comic from Great Britain by Don Lawrence. Visit the pages by publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch). and Sjon Overmars (in Dutch).
Le troisiéme Testament by X. Dorison and A. Alice
You can find information about this comic on the pages of Bd Surfeur (in French) and Christophe Schulé (in French).
Les Tuniques Bleues by Lambil (Willy Lambilliotte) and Raoul Cauvin
A westren comic taking place in the American Civil War. Read general information about this comic. Other persons and organizations with pages on this comic are Artois (in French), Laby, Sabine Kraml and Trond Are Undem (in Norwegian).
Tyrannosaurus Tex
An online western comic. Visit the site by Iain McNeil.


Umpah-pah by Goscinny and Uderzo
The stories about the American Indian Umpah-pah by the creators of the famous Gaul Asterix: René Goscinny and drawings by Albert Uderzo. You can read about it on the pages of Andreas Kötter (in German), Comicradioshow (in German), Erik Tjong Kim Sang and Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish).
The Unnamables: see Les Innommables
An Italian comics magazine


Valentina by Guido Crepax
An Italian adult comic. Lilian L.V. Demenga supplies information about the comic Valentina and the author Guido Crepax (in Italian).
Valérian & Laureline by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières
Teemu Mäkinen supplies page on Jean-Claude Mézières. Nicolai Langfeldt has some information about this science fiction comic and so do Jan-Magnus Økland (in Norwegian), Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish) and Max Zomborszki.
Victor Sackville by Francis Carin and Gabrielle Borile and François Riviere
A comic about an English spy in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Lombard publisher supplies some information about this comic.
La vie d'Einstein by Daniel Goossens
There is no information about this comic but you can read something about the creator Daniel Goossens at a page of the magazine he publishes in: Fluide Glacial or at the birthday pages of ImagiNet under date May 16 (in French).
Vieux Nick: see Ouwe Niek
Viggo: see Gaston Lagaffe
A bi-monthly adult comic magazine from the United Kingdom.
Vladimir Sivcevic Volodja Cartoons by Vladimir Sivcevic Volodja
A presentation of the work by the Yugoslavian cartoonist Vladimir Sivcevic Volodja.
Voyage au bout de l'envers by Ray Lengelé
A Belgian online comic about a boat trip. Supplied by the author himself (in French)
Vrouwen in 't wit: see Les Femmes en Blanc


Web comix
An online comics magazine which features work of different Dutch and Belgian artists (in Dutch). Supplied by Rico van Manen.
El Wendigo
A Spanish comics magazine with information about Spanish comics and comics festivals (in Spanish).
Wild Cat by Donald Rooum
Take a look at Louise Schuller's collection of images of this British comic.
Wind Blew over the Dry Sand by Teemu Mäkinen
Visit this on-line graphic novel. You can also take a look at Teemu Mäkinen's short strips.
De wondersloffen van Sjakie by John Gillat and Fred Baker
Sjakie is a junior soccer player who is helped by his magical shoes. Information about this comic is available from the site of publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch).


XIII by Jean van Hamme and William Vance
XIII is a former secret agent who has lost his memory and is trying to find back his past. You can read more about this comic on the pages of 6bears (in French), Carlsen comics (in German), Collège Errobi (in French) and Cyril Bagnouls (in French).


Yakari by Derib and Job
Fantasy adventures of a young American Indian. You can read something about Yakari and its authors on the pages of Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish), Librairie Online (in French), publisher Lombard (in French), Swisscomics and De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Yoko Tsuno by Roger Leloup
Starring a female Japanese engineer. You can lake a look at information on this comic presented by Andrea Heil (in German), Andreas Nikisch (in German), Anders Wahlbom (in Swedish), Ilse Coppieters, Jacob Sparre Andersen, Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish) and Willy De Groof.
A German comics magazine which publishes comics like Asterix and Buddy Longway (in German).


Zagor by Guidi Nollitte
An Italian comic (in Croatian). Some images can be found on the page by Aceallic (in Bosnian).
Zahltag by Michael Grund and Alexander Klein
A German on-line comic about... Well check it out for yourself.
Les Zappeurs by Serge Ernst
A Belgian comic about a family of which the favorite passtime is hanging around in front of the tv. You can read more about this comic on the site of the author Serge Ernst (in French).

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