By Laudec (images) and Raoul Cauvin (scripts)

Stefan is a little boy. He lives together with his parents, Robert and Marie-Rose. And we should not forget his grandfather because when it comes to it Stefan cannot do without him. Stefan goes to school. His teacher is Miss Nelly with whom he is very much in love. But in album 3 Chen, a little Chinese girl, comes in his school and from then on he is in love with her. He really want to marry her later on. A question which appears several times is the fact of it is important that his father sells carpets. Well, it is important from the first story in the first album onwards. You will be surprised how funny a common event is when it is told as in these comics. It is a comic I can advise for those who want to laugh! If you are curious how Stefan looks then take a look at his picture.

The books that have appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Naar school
  2. Sneeuwvakantie
  3. Een harde leerschool
  4. Een papa eerste klas !
  5. Korte sladood
  6. Warm en koud
  7. Opa voelt nattigheid
  8. Op rolletjes ...
  9. Stoorzender
  10. Slagroomtaart

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