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This is an overview of pointers to information on European comics (in French: bandes dessinées) that has been made available on the web. This site contains several sections:

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Series and Magazines (O-R)

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Olivier Blunder: see Achille Talon
Ollie B. Bommel: see Tom Poes
The O Men by Martin Eden
A British comic presenting a superhuman soap opera.
De Onnoembaren: see Les Innommables
Op zoek naar de tijdvogel: see La Quête de l'Oisaeu du Temps
Ouwe Niek by M. Remacle
Willy De Groof supplies information about this Belgian medieval pirate comic (in Dutch).


Pacush Blues by PtiLuc
People and organizations with information about this comic and its author are Pierre-Yves Lochou (in French) and United Humanoids (in French).
Paparazzi by Mazel and Cauvin
A series about two photographers that try to make pictures of famous people. You can take a look at an image of this comic on the site of Willy De Groof.
Papyrus by De Gieter
A comic which takes place in ancient Egypt. Willy De Groof supplies an image from this series.
Pardon Lul by Hein de Kort
Information about this comic and its author can be found on the site of publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch).
Les Passagers du Vent by François Bourgeon
Teemu Mäkinen supplies a fan page for author François Bourgeon.
Paulus de Boskabouter by Jean Dulieu
Information about this goblin comic is provided by Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Kees van den Doel. comic shop Lambiek (in Dutch), Mats Beek (in Dutch) and Wikipedia (in Dutch).
Paling & Ko: see Mortadelo y Filemón
A Period of Madness by Luc Leplae
An on-line autobiography by a retired belgian physics professor and liver transplantee.
Pero by Oto Reisinger
A Croatian weekly online cartoon (in Croatian). A profile of the author is provided by Cartoonweb.
Peter Pan by Régis Loisel
A free adaptation of the well known story. Read the general introduction by Jocelyn Legault. Coyote supplies a Peter Pan review (in French).
Le petit Spirou : see Spirou
The Phantom of the Opera by'O
An online graphic novel based on the book by Leroux.
Philémon by Fred
Read the Philémon descriptions by Arthur van Kruining, Kevin & Armand (in French), Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish) and Patrick Couture (in French).
Les Pieds Nickeles by Forton, Pellos and others
One of the oldest French comic series. You can read something about it on the official site by Matthieu Chevrier (in French).
Pierre Tombal: see G. Raf Zerk
Piet by Jan Willem Boer
An online Dutch comic about anti-hero Piet (in Dutch).
Piet Pienter & Bert Bibber by Pom
Read Willy De Groof's introduction to this Flemish comic. Images of this comic can be found in Willy's Comics Gallery. You can also visit the pae by Ludo Peeters (in Dutch).
Pin-Up by Yann and Philippe Berthet
Take a look at the Pin-Up pages of Maurice Fontaine and Uwe Trenkner (in German).
PLG is a French comics magazine (in French). Their official site is supplied by Thomas Berthelot, Philippe Morin and Dominique Poncet.
Les Potamoks by Jose-Luis Munuera and Joann Sfar
There is a home page for author Joann Sfar (in French). Short album descriptions can be found on Comics.Simplenet.Com: [2] and [3] (in French).
Le Prince de la Nuit by Yves Swolfs
You can find information about this comic on the pages of Bd Surfeur (in French), Damien Emrot (in French) and Jérôme Arnould (in French).
Le Privé d'Hollywood by Philippe Berthet, Riviére and Bocquet
Information about this comic and its authors can be found on the pages of BDoubliées (in French), The Cuckoo and festival Flamanville (in French).


Quark by Torben Osted
A funny Danish comic. You can take a look at a description of this comic by Dan Høfsten (in Danish).
La Quête de l'Oisaeu du Temps by Serge Le Tendre and Régis Loisel
A fairy-tale story. More information on the comic can be found on the pages by Club BD (in French), Jocelyn Legault, Marc Guislain (in French) and Olivier Mary (in French).
Quick & Flupke by Hergé
A comics about the adventures of two Belgian school boys in the thirties by the creator of Tintin. You can read something about this comic on the official Tintin site (in French). More information on Hergé can be found at the Tintin entry.


Ragebol: see Broussaille
Ralf König Comics by Ralf König
Viktor Bautista i Roca has a page about the work of this German comics artist. Some more information can be found on the page of Bamsebo.
Ramiro by Jacques Stoquart and William Vance
A comic that takes place in the Middle Ages. Publisher Lombard has information on author William Vance (in French).
Rantanplan: see Lucky Luke
Ranxerox by Tanino Liberatore and Stefano Tamburini
A futuristic version of Frankenstein. Information about this comic is supplied by Ratko Jagodic, Sinisa Jurisic and Boris Licina and by Thanitart (in Italian).
Ravian: see Valérian & Laureline
Redfox by Fox
A British fantasy comic with a female heroine. You can take a look at Mark Grant's Redfox pages.
Refuge by Neal Mctaggart
A comic from the United Kingdom supplied by the author himself.
Online comics by Danish artist Henrik Rehr. ***NEW***
RH Negative
An online Turkish adult magazine.
Ric Hochet by Tibet and André-Paul Duchateau
Publisher Lombard provides some information about Ric Hochet (in French).
Ridder Koen by Rex Holman
An album list can be found at the site of De Zilveren Dolfijn (in Dutch).
Rik Ringers: see Ric Hochet
Robbedoes & Kwabbernoot: see Spirou
Robert & Bertrand by Willy Vandersteen
An image from this Belgian comic by the creator of Suske en Wiske can be found on Willy's Comic Gallery
Robin Dubois by Turk and De Groot
Willy De Groof supplies a description of this comic based on Robin Hood. Information about author Turk can be found on the page of Stephane Riviere. Another source of information is publisher Lombard (in French).
Robin Hoed see Robin Dubois
De Rode Ridder by Willy Vandersteen
The popular Belgian knight comic situated in the Middle Ages. Information about this comic is supplied by its publisher Standaard Uitgeverij (in Dutch) and by Gaston Jamin (in Dutch).
Roel en zijn beestenboel Gerrit de Jager
A funny Dutch comic about a boy and his pets by the creator of the Doorzon family. You can find information about album 10 on the site of publisher Big Balloon (in Dutch).
Rogon le Leu by Alexis Chabert and Didier Convard
Information about this comic can be found at the site of Marc Guislain (in French).
Rogue Star by Noah Johnson and Jerry Magni
A joint American-Italian science-fiction comic.
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan by Reinder Dijkhuis
An online comic with fantasy adventures of Tamlin LLanfarythich and his gang.
Rona by Malo Louarn
De Zilveren Dolfijn supplies an album overview (in Dutch). The Foyer du Marin festival site provides information on author Malo Louarn (in French).
Rontti by Hannu Kuukkanen
You can take a look at this on-line comic. The texts are in Finnish.
Rooie Oortjes by different artists
Information about this naughty comic is supplied by Willy De Groof.
Roodbaard: see Barbe Rouge
Rork by Andreas
You can take a look at the Rork page of publisher Lombard (in French).
Roze Bottel by Dany and Greg
Read about the adventures of a notary clerk who ends up in a fairy tale world. The information was written by Willy De Groof.
Rubine by François Walthery, De Lazare and Mythic
Rubine is a female cop which looks like a sister of flight hostess Natacha. You can read something about this comic on the sites of Filip Cuppens and publisher Lombard (in French).
A French comics magazine from the city Auxerre (in French).

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