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This is page 12 of book 4 of Soda, Dutch title: God stierf vandaag (French: Dieu est mort ce soir; English: God died today) by Bruno Gazotti and Tome (Phillipe Vandevelde, image, 63kB) . General information about this comic can be found on this Soda page.

Pronzini: Enter!

Lionel:   Lieutenant Soda is here, captain.
Pronzini: Let him come in!
Pronzini: Hello Soda! How is your mother's heart? Or does
          she still believe that you're a priest?
Soda:     Yes. Next she'll be the last person in New York
          believing that!
Pronzini: I've read the report of De Soto about Zimmerman's
          murder last night. You were at the spot. You'll
          lead the investigation.

Pronzini: Sergeant Babs will assist you. Coffee?
Soda:     Didn't you have a turtle at your office?
Pronzini: Sonia is at the pet. Some jurk gave her sugar.

Soda:     I'll find the culprit captain.
Soda:     Watch out Lionel. Pronzini suspects something about

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