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Series and Magazines (#-A)

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2000 AD
You can find more links for the British science fiction comic magazine at the pages by Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish), M.S. Acres and Wakefield and Mechanismo's 2000AD Links Project.
421 by Eric Maltaite and Stephen Desberg
A Belgian comic about British secret agent 421. The following persons and organizations supply information about 421: BD oubliées (in French), Erik Tjong Kim Sang, and Willy De Groof.
Les 7 Vies de l'Épervier by Patrick Cothias and André Juillard
A historical saga of seven comics albums taking place in the time of Henri IV. You can take a look at information supplied by plublisher Glenat.


Achille Talon by Greg
A comic about a crazy hero and wth a mad neighbor. You can find some information about it on the pages of Steve Requin (in French).
Adèle Blanc-Sec by Jacques Tardi
Adventures of a female writer in the beginning of this century. Information about this comic and its author is provided by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Maxime Nicolas (in French), Pierre Côté (in French), R. Klaase and
Adora by Stephan Lorenz
An interactive online comic which is available both in German and in English (requires shockwave).
Agent 212 by Daniël Kox and Raoul Cauvin
A comic starring a funny fat policeman. The following people and organisations provide information about this comic and its authors: Andreas Dierks (in German), BD Paradisio (in French) and Erik Tjong Kim Sang.
Agent 327 by Martin Lodewijk
The adventures of Dutch secret agent. People with information about this comic are Elwin Berlips (in Dutch) and Erik Tjong Kim Sang
Airtight Garage by Moebius (Jean Giraud)
A two-book comic series which is the spin-off from a multi-leveled universe created by Major Grubert. You can take a look at the French page at Wikipedia.
Akte Nix by Christian Bischoff
A German online comic inspired by the tv series the X Files (in German).
Al & Brock by Christian Denayer and André-Paul Duchâteau
A comic about two cops in San Francisco. Information about this comic and its authors is provided by author André-Paul Duchâteau (in French) and Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish).
Alack Sinner by José Muñoz and Carlos Sampayo
Information about Alack Sinner and other work by Muñoz and Sampayo is offered by Kevin Smith and Kimmo Lakoma (in Finnish).
Alain Landier by Albert Weinberg
A French science fiction comic. Information about this comic is supplied by Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Alan Ford by Magnus and Max Bunker
You can read more about this popular Italian comic character at at the sites of Aleksandar Zambelli (in Croatian), D. Vallet (in French), Maurizio Munix (in Italian), Mimim (in Serbian), Nemanja Ilic (in Serbian) and Stefano Bizzarri (in Italian).
Aldébaran by Léo
Information about this comic can be found at the sites of Bdnet (in French) and Bdscope (in French).
Alcide Nikopol by Enki Bilal
The following people have pages about Enki Bilal and his work: R. Klaase (many links) and Teemu Mäkinen.
Alix by Gilles Chaillet and Jacques Martin
Kimmo Lakoma supplies a list of Finnish Alix albums (in Finnish).
Apokalupsis by Clyde Meli
Apokalupsis is a Maltese science-fiction comic. The site also includes pointers to other Maltese comic work.
Aquablue by Thierry Cailleteau and Olivier Vatine
The following persons and organizations supply information about this comic: Andreas Dierks (in German), Bishlouk (in French) and Club BD (in French).
Arabelle by Jean Ache
A French fifties comic about a mermaid Some information about it is supplied by Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Archie Cash by Malik (William Tai)
A comic starring Archie Cash who looks quite like the movie star Charles Bronson. No new stories appear because the author is currently working on Cupidon. Some information about Archie Cash can be found at the site of BD oubliées (in French) and Topgame éditions provides an interview with author Malik (in French).
Aria by Michel Weyland
Information about Aria can be found on the site of Christophe Guilbot (in French).
Arkas cartoons by Arkas
Take a look at the cartoons of one of the most popular Greek cartoonists: Arkas. Now you can also find read an Arkas cartoon (100kB image) from Eleytherotypia (in Greek).
Ärligt talat by Monica Hedström
Ärligt talat (To be honest) is a daily comic in Metro, the free subway system newspaper of the Swedish capital Stockholm. offers and interview with author Monica Hedström (in Swedish).
Arne Anka by Charlie Christensen
A Swedish duck cartoon. Read Mats Johannesson's introduction to this comic. People with Arne Anka pages are: Måns Engman.
Arzach by Moebius (Jean Giraud)
Adventures of a warrior riding a prehistoric animal. Information about author Moebius can be found via the Blueberry entry on this site.
Askell by Jean-Louis Mourier and Scotch Arleston
A fantasy tale which is situated on a distant planet on which there is a lot more water than on earth. Information about this comic is supplied by Marcel Cox (in French), the official site (in French) and Thiame (in French).
Aster by Claude-Jacques Legrand and Annibale Casabianca
A French science fiction comic. Some information about it is supplied by Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Asterix by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
French comic with the adventures of a Gaulish warrior who is fighting the Romans. Together with the Belgian comic Tintin this is the most popular and widely known European comic. Excellent web pages covering Asterix are provided by Stéphane Rivière (in French), Sudhakar Chandrasekharan (original by Ron Dippold), Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom and Marco Mütz (in German). Links to other Asterix pages can be found on the extensive link list of Erik Tjong Kim Sang.
Atomas by Robert Charroux and Auguste Liquois
A French science fiction comic. Some information about it is supplied by Jean-Marc Lofficier.
Atomos by André Caroff (André Carpouzis)
Stories about a female Japanese scientist who wants to take revenge for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in the forties. Information on the original novels and the comic versions of this series can be found on Jean-Marc Lofficier's Atomos site.
A French comics magazine (in French).
Axle Munshine by Christian Godard and Julio Ribera
Information can be found at the sites of BDParadisio (in French), Marcel Cox (in French) and De Zilveren Dolfijn

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