De generaal

Latest news: author Peter de Smet (58) passed away at January 6, 2003.

Running gag starring a general who want to overthrow the ruling marshal. To do this he must take overtake the marshal's fort. Needless to say that the general never succeeds. But his attempts are funny and inventive enough to keep the reader's attention. The general is assisted by an smart professor and a stupid soldier. Beside the marshal and the general there is an independent party consisting of policeman Dreutel. All Dreutel wants is to reach the rank first class policeman and earn the honorary wistle. To achieve these goals Dreutel constantly tries to give the general a ticket. However, the contest between Dreutel on his motorbike and the general in his tank usually is fatal for Dreutel's bike. You can view a page with sub-titles (4x80kB inline images).

The books that appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Alle macht aan de Generaal (All power to the general)
  2. De machteloze Generaal (A general without power)
  3. Allemachtig... (O, no...)
  4. De Generaal zoekt het hoger op (The generaal searches in the air)
  5. De Generaal in vuur en vlam (The general on fire)
  6. De Generaal vliegt er uit (The general flies away)
  7. De erfenis van Oom Jules & Revolutie in San Cochabamba (The inheritance of uncle Jules & Revolution in San Cochabamba)
  8. De Generaal geeft 'm van katoen (The general beats him)
  9. De Generaal doet het weer (The general does it again)
  10. De Generaal valt in de prijzen (The general wins a price)
  11. De Generaal ziet er geen gat meer in (The Generaal looses spirit)
  12. De Generaal in zaken (The General in business)
  13. Terug van weggeweest (Back from being gone)
  14. De generaal in de dans om de macht (The general in a race for power)
De generaal is published by publisher Big Balloon.

With seemingly simple drawings and complex texts Dutch artist Peter de Smet (born 1944) manages to create a great funny comic. De Smet started his career as an advertisements draughtsman. His comics debut was in 1968 and in 1971 he started with his most popular comic De generaal (The general). Peter de Smet created some other comics among which Joris PK.

This Peter de Smet drawing has been made by Stan Heinze.

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