Translated page of De generaal

This is page 273 of the Dutch collection book Cartoon Aid featuring De generaal by Peter de Smet. General information about this comic can be found at another Generaal page.

Junior:  We've arrived Alfred.
Alfred:  Pfft.
General: And next...
Junior:  Hi dad. Listen, I...
General: Not now Junior. I'm in the middle of a staff meeting.
Junior:  Geez man, why don't you stop with this nonsence.
         Beside the fact that you'll never succeed there is
         no money in this take-over-the-power business.

Junior:  What I mean, face it, the big money is in the companies.
         That's where the power is.
Junior:  That's why I've started a new private company. One that 
         I would like you to see.

Junior:  There! Be honest. What do you think?

General: But that's my armoured division. It took a lot of
         effort to get this collection together for wiping 
         out the marshal once and for all!
Junior:  Don't whine old guy.
Junior:  You cannot expect me to start an escort service
         without means of transport. But ok, we'll continue.
         Our secretary, also known as department "Things you
         do not have at home you can get right here".
Truus:   Crazy boy.

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