Translated page of G. Raf Zerk

This is page 29 of book 8 of G. Raf Zerk, title: Door het oog van de naald (Through the eye of the needle) by Marc Hardy and Raoul Cauvin. G. Raf Zerk's original name in French is Pierre Tombal.

dead woman:  He! Pssst! Do you have any news about my 
Raf:         Yes... He's getting worse and worse.
dead woman:  That's great!

Raf:         The doctor only gives him a couple of hours.
dead woman:  You're just saying that to make me happy,
             aren't you?
Raf:         But no. The last time I saw him he was 
dead woman:  Fantastic!
Raf:         His face had the color of the keys of a 
Raf:         And I'm not talking about the black ones!
dead woman:  Hihihihihi

Raf:         I don't think it will take much longer...
dead woman:  You don't know how eager I am...
Raf:         Well? What did I say..?
dead woman:  Thank heaven!

Viviane L.:  Ooo dear... Finally! After all these years...
Lampil:      Darling you didn't change anything... ehm almost
Viviane L.:  Now we'll remain together, don't we?
Lampil:      Forever!

Raf:         Those reunions always touch me... Snif... Love
             is beautiful... 

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