Vrouwen in 't wit

The life of the woman in white isn't easy. And when it becomes all too much, the patient will be the victim. But you can be sure that the woman in white will never take any bullying. They're always able to put the situation at their hand. Read the short stories if you want to know how they do that.

Images are drawn by the young Bercovici, the man with the unusual drawing style. Stories are made by the great Raoul Cauvin the man that is also responsible for Agent 212, Arme Lampil (Poor Lampil), Les Tuniques Bleues/De blauwbloezen (The Yankees), G. Raf Zerk, Sammy, and many more.

The books that have appeared in this series are (Dutch titles):

  1. Vrouwen in't wit
  2. 't Zal me een ziekenzorg zijn
  3. Super-ziek-man
  4. Operatie deegrol
  5. Gezonde ziekte
  6. Om je ziek te lachen
  7. Je lach of je leven
  8. De dokter trakteert
  9. Spuitje-roer me-niet
  10. Van naaldje tot draadje
  11. Bloed, sleet en tranen
  12. Een warm hart
  13. De witte raven
  14. Gedeelde smart
  15. Van teen komt tander
  16. In slechte lakens
  17. Mu-ziekte als medicijn
  18. Operatie nonsens
  19. Bloedstollend

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