Translated page of De familie Doorzon

This is page 42 (story 729) of book 18 of De familie Doorzon, title: Absoluut Doorzon (Absolutely Doorzon) by Gerrit de Jager. General information about this comic can be found on another Doorzon page.

Neighbor 1: Ah, nice of you to come!
Arie:       We don't want to miss this neighbor,...
            a slight show about Kutland.
Doortje:    Arie!
Neighbor 1: Jutland.
Arie:       That's what I've said.
Neighbor 1: Well, if that's Frau Oberbührfrau...
            we're complete.

Neighbor 1: Can I switch off the lights?
Bührfrau:   One moment bührmann. First I have to try 
            out my zuiglingsradioverbindungsdetector.
Doortje:    Her what?
Arie:       Her babyfoon.
Bührfrau:   Can I put it here?
Neighbor 1: Yes, it's fine over there!
Neighbor 2: Excellent!
Bührfrau:   Do you hear the beeps of the clock?
Neighbor 1: Yep.
Neighbor 2: Excellent!
Bührfrau:   Splendid!

Neighbor 1: Do you want to test your babyfoon, Door 
            and Arie?
Doortje:    Eh yes. Arie, please?
Arie:       I?! You do it.
Doortje:    Arie! I did it last week at Bert and Ida's 
Arie:       Ok ok. Sigh.
Arie:       Ehm...
Arie:       Tango zulu for tango Dozo. Am I reaching
            you tango Dozo? Over.

Dozo:       Tango zulu this is tango Dozo. All safe and
            sound. Over.
Arie:       Thanks tango Dozo. Out. (Sigh)
Doortje:    Ehm yes. When it comes to electronics Dozo
            is a little advanced.
Arie:       But apart from that it's a baby like any 
            other. Believe me!
Dozo:       Tango Dozo for tango zulu! Mayday! Mayday!
            Bug at 3 o'clock! Over!

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