De familie Doorzon

De familie Doorzon (The Doorzon family) is a comic that appears in the Dutch weekly magazine De Nieuwe Revu. This magazine is not intended for younger readers and the comic aims at the same group as the magazine: adults. The comic features the crazy family Doorzon: father Doorzon, mother Doorzon, daughter Doortje Doorzon and her boyfriend Arie Bleekjes, son Tonnie Doorzon and his boyfriend Kees Bleekjes, son Ronnie Doorzon (who became a mob leader at a very young age) and the intelligent Dozo, the son of Doortje and Arie. Other important characters are Jan-Jaap (the neighbor with suicidal tendencies) and his attractive wife (who had a sexual relation with 12-year old Ronnie), environmentalist Emile (who had a sexual relation with at least 3 members of the Doorzon family), bartender Tinus and the destructive contractors the Biereco's. You can take a look at a page with English sub-titles (4x70kB inline images).

The books that appeared in this series are:

  1. De familie Doorzon (The Doorzon family)
  2. Geloof, hopen liefde (Faith and a lot of Love)
  3. Het geslacht Doorzon (The Doorzon generation)
  4. Doodzonde (What a pity)
  5. Emile's relatieboot (Emile's love boat)
  6. De familie D. (The D. family)
  7. De familie Goorzon (The Dingy family)
  8. Casa Ronnie (Casa Ronnie)
  9. Dozo!!! (Dozo!!!)
  10. De familie Doorzon daalt verder af (The Doorzon family in a further descent)
  11. De familie Doorzon doet het zelf (The Doorzon family does it themselves)
  12. Light (Light)
  13. (this one never appeared)
  14. Buuv'. Memoires van een buurman. (Memoires of a neighbor)
  15. Het Doorzon gevoel (The Doorzon feeling)
  16. Door en door Doorzon (Doorzon trough and trough)
  17. Wensvaders en draagmoeders (Would-be fathers and surrogate mothers)
  18. Absoluut Doorzon (Absolutely Doorzon)
  19. Zwarte handel (Black trade)
  20. Slipgevaar (Slippery road ahead)
  21. Decoder (Decoder)
  22. De bank (The bench)
  23. Hop Doorzon Hop (Onwards Doorzon Onwards)
  24. D 2000 (D 2000)

This series is published by publisher Big Balloon.

Dutch artist Gerrit de Jager is responsible for many other comic series. Besides The Doorzon Family he also draws Liefde en Geluk (Love and Happiness) for newspaper Parool and Roel en zijn beestenboel (Roel and his Animal Section) for comics magazine Spirou/Robbedoes. The scripts for the first four books were written by Wim Stevenhagen.

This Gerrit de Jager image was made by Stan Heinze.

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