The young boy adventure genre with the boy replaced by a girl of about 20 years old. The images made by Dutch artist Henk Kuijpers contain a lot of details as you can see on this page with sub-titles (4 inline images of sizes between 40kB and 120kB).

The books that have appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Het misdaadmuseum (The museum of crime)
  2. Het meesterwerk (The masterpiece)
  3. De terugkeer van de Noorderzon (The return of the Noorderzon)
  4. De wraak van het vrachtschip (The revenge of the cargo-boat)
  5. Circus Santekraam
  6. Het moster van de Moerplaat (The monster of the Moerplaat)
  7. De tanden van de draak (The dragon's theeth)
  8. De ondergang van de donderdraak (The end of the thunder dragon)
  9. Moordende concurrentie (Deadly competition)
  10. Gangsterfilm (Gangster movie)
  11. De vlucht van de Atlantis (The flight of the Atlantis)
  12. De blauwe Venus (The blue Venus)
  13. De dertiende letter (The thirteenth character),
  14. Het Portugese Goudschip (The Portuguese gold ship),
  15. De ogen van de roerganger (The eyes of the helsman)
  16. Succes verzekerd (Success assured)
  17. Eigen risico (Own risk)

Franka is published by publisher Big Balloon. The original language is Dutch. However, Franka albums have been translated in Danish, English(?), Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.


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