Translated page of Natacha

This is page 33 of the Dutch issue of book 15 of Natacha, title: De riem van professor Dyffuus (Professor Dyffuus' belt) by Francois Walthery. You can also read some general information about Natacha.

The French name of this comic is Natacha. The Dutch name of the comic is Natasja.

Palombo:  What! You want to give them the belt? But...
Natacha:  Listen... If we are able to follow the man that 
          collects the belt tomorrow we'll know where Von 
          Kalk is hiding.
Palombo:  You're right. But if he notices that he's being 
          followed he'll try to shake off my agents. If he 
          succeeds everything will be lost.
Natacha:  Therefore it is important that he does not notice
          us. I have a suggestion. Can you spare a minute? 

Palombo:  Where are we going?
Natacha:  To dr. Planquez. A friend of mine who is doing a 
          lot with electronics.
[Somewhat later...]
Natacha:  ...Now you know everything! Can you make sure that
          we know the position of the belt at any moment?

Planquez: You mean with a device that transmits a radio 
Natacha:  Exactly!
Planquez: That's not that difficult. They won't notice it. 
          It will be ready tomorrow.
Palombo:  It's a good idea but I hope the bad guys don't 
          notice it.
Walter:   Pfft. The stupid means usually are the best.

The next evening at the creek of Port-Miou...

Walter:   What a nice scene!  It reminds me of a drawing
          by Jijé in a story of Spirou and Fantasio!

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