Marc Dacier

Scenario: J.M. Charlier
Images: Eddy Paape

Adventures of a young newspaper reporter travelling around the world.

Originally published in the Spirou magazine in Belgium during late 50's and early 60's. All adventures were later published in album form by Dupuis in Belgium and are still in print.

The French name of this comic is Marc Dacier. The Dutch name of the comic is Flip Flink.

Thirteen albums have been published:

  1. Aventures autour du monde (Adventures around the world)
  2. A la poursuite du soleil (Travelling to the sun)
  3. Au-dela du pacifique (At the other side of the Pacific)
  4. Les secrets de la mer de corail (The secrets of the Coral Sea)
  5. La main noire (The blank hand)
  6. L'abominable homme des andes (The monster of the Andes)
  7. L'empire du soleil (The empire of the sun)
  8. Le peril guette sous la mer (The danger lies waiting under the sea)
  9. Les sept cites de Cibola (The seven cities of Cibola)
  10. Les negriers du ciel (Flying slave traders)
  11. Chasse a l'homme (Man hunt)
  12. L'or du "vent d'est" (The gold of the eastren wind)
  13. Le train fantome (The ghost train)

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