This comic describes the adventures of the boy Ludo and his friend David in a big city. It is unique with respect to that while it is written for a younger audience, it contains two separate story lines: the Ludo adventures and the stories about his comic hero inspector Castar. The inspector is equipped with an external skeleton which gives him superhuman strength. The stories are written by Denis Lapiére. Pierre Bailly draws the Ludo parts and Vincent Mathy draws the parts about inspector Castar.

The books that have appeared in this series are:

  1. Een stukje straat (A piece of street)
  2. Ondergrond avontuur (Underground adventure)
  3. Wee je gebeente! (Don't you dare!)
  4. Dief en diefjesmaat (Thief and accomplice)

This comic is published by publisher Dupuis.


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  • 0001 BDoubliées's Ludo page (in French).
  • 0103 Image & Bande Dessinée's Ludo page (in French).
  • 0103 Official site (in French).
  • 0001 Publisher Dupuis's Ludo pages: 1 | 2 | 3 (in French).
  • 0103 De Zilveren Dolfijn Ludo page (in Dutch).

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