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Mortadelo & Filemon

Incredible stories about the secret agent Mortadelo and his chief Filemón in a constant battle against crime. Their department is headed by the super-intendant mr. Vicente. Whether the biologist dr. Bacteriologo is a great help in the battle against injustice is subject of discussion. His crazy inventions cause many painful situations for the heroes.

Rumours say that almost no one can keep up with the drawing speed of the Spanish creator of this comic Fransisco Ibáñez (image).

The original language of the comic is Spanish. It has been translated in German (Clever & Smart), Dutch (Paling & Ko), Portuguese (Mortadelo e Salaminho/Salamão e Mortadela), Swedish (Flink och Fummel), Danish (Flip & Flop), French (Mortadel et Filémon;, also Futt et Fil), Italian (Fortune & Fortuni, also Mortadella e Filemone), Greek (Antirix kai Symphonix), Finnish (Älli ja Tälli), Norwegian (Clever & Smart), Czech (Clever & Smart), Serbo-Croatian (Zriki Svargla & Sule Globus) and Mortadel.lo i Filemó (Catalan). Note that in the Dutch series Paling=Filemón and Ko=Mortadelo. If you know other translations please mail the names of the two main characters to erikt(at)xs4all.nl

Mathijs Doets has supplied the information about the Danish and the French issues, Per Starbäck has provided the information about the Swedish edition and M. Jose has contributed the Italian names. Aarne Sundberg came forward with this Finnish names and Bjørge Stavik has supplied the Norwegian names and Rodrigo Garulo Galiana has provided the correct French names. Pedro Melo has supplied an alternative Portuguese name and Kamesama came forward with the second French name. Tomás Jakl pointed at the existance of a Czech edition and Carlo Borreo submitted the alternative Italian names and Javier Ger has provided the Serbo-Croatian and the Catalan names. Thanks!

If you want an example of this comic then take a look at this page from the album The atomic sulphate.


A story detail: did Fransisco Ibáñez foresee the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center?

A non-animated movie was released in 2003. The name is La gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemön (The big adventure of Mortadelo and Filemön). There is an official site (Spanish) and information on IMDB.

Credits: Rodrigo Garulo Galiana has supplied six urls for this list. Adrià Julià provided the url of the official site. Thanks!

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