Stories about the adventurous life of airhostess Natacha of aircompany Bardaf. Drawn by François Walthery with scripts from different authors. Walthery loves to make his friends or other well-known people appear as characters in his comics. Some examples: book 9 features Sergio Aragones (Mad) as CIA-member, book 15 introduces Peter Falk (Columbo) as French policeman and in book 16 the comics script writer Raoul Cauvin appears as Raoul Suckerwine, agent of the Britsh secret service. The comics are published in the Spirou/Robbedoes magazine and were also issued in a sequence in French or Dutch. You can take a look at a page with sub-titles (4x100kB inline images).

The scripts for the books were supplied by Gos (Roland Goosens) [1 & 2], Marc Wasterlain [3 & 10], Etienne Borgers [3, 8 & 9], Maurice Tillieux [4&6], Mitteï (Jean Mariette) [5, 7, 11 & 12], Lemasque (Jacques Stoquart) [5], Raoul Cauvin [13], Mythic [14] and Peyo (Pierre Culliford) [15]. Walthery was assisted with the drawings by Pierre Seron [7], Jidéhem (Jean de Mesmaeker) [8 & 9], Will (Willy Maltaite) [10], Laudec (Tony de Luca) [11, 12 & 13] and Mitteï (Jean Mariette) [14 & 15].

The books that appeared in this sequence are (Dutch issues):

  1. Natasja luchtstewardes (Natacha air-hostess)
  2. Natasja en de maharadja (Natacha and the maharadja)
  3. Het metalen geheugen (The metallic brain)
  4. Een troon uit de lucht (A throne from the air)
  5. Kaapvlucht (Cape Flight)
  6. De dertiende apostel (The thirdteenth apostle)
  7. De vlucht met de Mona Lisa (The flight with the Mona Lisa)
  8. Opnamen voor Caltech (Recordings for Caltech)
  9. De raadselachtige gedaanten (Spooky figures)
  10. Een afgelegen eiland (A deserted island)
  11. De weddenschap (The bet)
  12. De brute broekjes (Young criminals)
  13. Asyl in de ruimte (Exile in space)
  14. Luchtspiegelingen (Fata morgana's)
  15. De riem van professor Dyffuus (The belt of Professor Dyffuus)
  16. De blonde engel (The blond angel)
  17. De zwarte weduwe (The black widow)
  18. De dinosauriërs (The dinosaurs)

Artist François Walthery learned the art of making comics from Peyo (Pierre Culliford), the man responsible for the Smurfs. Initially he worked on Jacky & Sylvester and Strong Steven. His first Natacha story appeared at the end of the sixties.

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