Una página de Mortadelo

Esp Aquí esta página 2 de la historia "El sulfato atómico".
Eng This is page 2 of the story "The atomic sulphate".

Filemón:   Mr. Super-intendant! Do you know that they have 
           stolen the... the...

Super:     YES, I KNOW! GRMBL! THOSE BLOODY ***censored*** 

Super:     Ok. I guess you know Dr. Bacterio, the biologist,
           don't you?
Filemón:   Of course... You were the inventor of the infallibe 
           remedy against baldness. Right?
Mortadelo: Yes, him! THAT'S HIM! And he tested it on me first...
           Before that I was know as "long-haired Mortadelo"...!

Bacterio:  Ok... Ehum!... What happened, happened. Let's keep 
           our hair on, eh? Héhé!

Filemón:   BUT...CALM DOWN! "Keep on our hair" is just a 
           popular saying, mister!

Super:     All right! The fact is that he has now invented
           an atomic sulphate against the plagues of the
           country. This sprayer contains a sample.

Super:     Now observe its effect. At this leaf there is a 
           "Cochinillus Antropofagus" (...)

Super:     Ok, a little spray with the sulphate, and...

Mortadelo: TERRIBLE!
Filemón:   AAAAAAH!

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