Translated page of Paulus de Boskabouter

This is a part from the book "De mussenklus" an adventure of Paulus de Boskabouter by Jean Dulieu (original language: Dutch).

Paulus de Boskabouter

Paulus had left Salomo with the sparrows on purpose. He thought that Salomo had deserved that. But as soon as he heard the dark voice of Oehoeboeroe he said to himself: "This has been enough; I don't want to embarrass Salomo too much." He took his little table out and freed the raven from his stressful position. But when he had served the meal he said to Salomo: "Don't start immediately. A gentleman is supposed to sit when he eats." Paulus went away to get a chair and immediately the owl's face changed into a big smile. "Isn't is slightly possible that you ordered this meal yourself, Salomo?"

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