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A French comic made by Fred (originally Othon Aristides). The comic was started in 1965 in the French weekly comic magazine Pilote. The comic could be characterized both as science fiction and fantasy. The farm boy Philemon enters a parallel world where he meets the old Barthelemy. They experience some adventures in this world before they manage to get out. In later stories Philemon and Barthelemy attempt to get back in this strange parallel world where they will get involved in more fantasy events.

These books have appeared in the Philemon series:

Dargaud publisher

Published by Fred

Vents d'Ouest (in association with Alexis)

Furthermore a portfolio with the title Manege was issued by Futuropolis and Imagerie Pellerin d'Epinal published the book La Magique Lanterne Magique.

By the way, other comics by Fred are also nice to read. Check out the Alexis series, Le Petit Cirque and L'Histoire du Corbac aux Baskets His most recent book was published by Flammarion and its title is Le Journal de Renard (about Jules Renard, author of Poil de carotte).

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