La quête de l'oisaeu du temps

Cover of book 3 of La quête de l'oisaeu du temps

La quête de l'oisaeu du temps (English: The quest for the time bird, Dutch: Op zoek naar de tijdvogel) is a "medievalish-magical" story about a group of adventurers in quest for the artifacts to the ultimate power over the world. But in the end, things are not as they may have seemed at the beginning...

Drawings of this comic are made by Régis Loisel and the stories are by Serge le Tendre. There are four titles, the story is complete in 4 albums:

  1. La conque de Ramor (Ramor's shell)
  2. Le temple de l'oubli (The temple of oblivion)
  3. Le Rige (The Rige)
  4. L'oeuf des ténèbres (The egg of darkness)

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