Agent 327

Dutch comic starring secret agent number 327 (Hendrik IJzerbroot) in a fight against crime and injustice. Agent 327 is assisted by Barend, the office assitant of the Dutch secret service and former enemy Olga Lawina. His usual counterplayer is the evil dr. Maybe assisted by Fi-Doh and Habraken. IJzerbroot never arrives at his office without wearing a crazy disguise Usually after entering the office he exclaims: "The things a secret agent has to do arrive at his office without being recognized".

Drawings and stories are by Martin Lodewijk. You can take a look at a page with subtitles (4x90kB inline images).

The books that have appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Dossier Heksenkring & Dossier Onderwater (File Witch Circle & File Under Water)
  2. Dossier Zondagskind (File Sunday Child)
  3. Dossier Zevenslaper (File Dormouse)
  4. Dossier Stemkwadrater (File Voice-Amplifier)
  5. Dossier Leeuwenkuil (File Lion's Den)
  6. Dossier Dozijn Min Eèn (File Dozen Minus One)
  7. Dossier Nachtwacht (File Nightguard)
  8. Dossier Dozijn Min Twee (File Dozen Minus Two)
  9. De gesel van Rotterdam (The Whip of Rotterdam)
  10. Drie Avonturen (Three Adventures)
  11. De ogen van Wu Manchu (The Eyes of Wu Manchu)
  12. De vergeten bom (The Lost Bomb)
  13. Het pad van de schildpad (The Turtle Path)
  14. Cacoïne en commando's (Cacoine and Commando's)
  15. De golem van Antwerpen (The golem of Antwerp)
  16. De wet van alles (The law of everything)
  17. Hotel New York (Hotel New York)

In 1999 a short story "Minimium bug" appeared in what was claimed to be the the world's smallest comic book (26x37mm). The 11th regular album appeared in 1983. Surprisingly enough, a twelfth album was released in April 2001. More books were issued in the next years.

Martin Lodewijk

Dutch artist Martin Lodewijk (born 1939) created a great comic with many references to important Dutch persons and events. After his debute as 18-year-old with Babel & Knetterton and Arie Brandt he made the newspaper comic Frank de Vliegende Hollander (Frank the Flying Dutchman). He also wrote some scripts for Storm and Lucky Luke.

This drawing of Martin Lodewijk was made by Stan Heinze.


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