Translated page of 421

This is a page from the album The Karlov Threshold (in Dutch: De Karlov drempel) of the Belgian comic 421 by Eric Maltaite and Stephen Desberg.

421:          Move! It's a matter of life and death!
Taxi driver:  If you want to go somewhere then you'll sit in 
              the back and pay what's on the meter!

421:          The British embassy! Quick! They're after us!
Taxi driver:  Forget it. It was blown up last week.

421:          In that case some other western embassy. Any one.
Taxi driver:  We could try that... Do you want the meter on
              hostage fare or standard fare?

Taxi driver:  Ha, ha! I believe that snail Rachid has a
              customer as well.
Taxi driver:  Give up Rachid! You know that you've never
              been able to keep up with me! ...

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