Agent 212

Short funny stories about a prototype small village cop: fat, dark hair and a mustache. Drawn by Daniël Kox and the scripts are written by the great Raoul Cauvin (See De blauwbloezen). The comics are published in the Spirou/Robbedoes magazine and were also issued in a sequence books in French and Dutch. You can also view a page with subtitles (4x75kB inline images).

The books that appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Dag en nacht (Day and Night)
  2. In naam der wet (In the Name of the Law)
  3. Verboden inrit (Entrance Prohibited)
  4. Plaatselijk verkeer (Local Traffic)
  5. Er als de kippen bij (Being There Like a Flash)
  6. De nachtwacht (The Night Watch)
  7. Agent door weer en wind (Cop in Any Weather)
  8. Rustig maar! (Take It Easy!)
  9. Op wieltjes (On Wheels)
  10. Dubbel agent (Double Agent)
  11. Fluitje van een cent (Piece of Cake)
  12. Kip, koek en ei! (Chicken, cookie and egg!)
  13. Boven de pet van de wet (Beyond Comprehesion for the Law)
  14. Nondejuut (Shit)
  15. Ongelikte beren (Louts)
  16.! (Cooo...p!)
  17. Wit van kip (Chicken White)
  18. Gebraden kip (Fried Chicken)
  19. Commissariaat op stelten (Police Station Goes Crazy)
  20. Kippenvel (Chicken Skin)
  21. Vliegtuigkit (Airplane Kit)
  22. Rivierpolitie (River Police)
  23. Op glad ijs (On Slippery Ice)

This comic is published by publisher Dupuis. Note: the Dutch word kip (chicken) is slang for cop.


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