Les Tuniques Bleues/De blauwbloezen

A comic situated in the United States of America in the days of the Civil War. Starring the two yankees sergeant Chesterfield and corporal Blutch. Chesterfield loves the army but Blutch hates it. Drawn by Lambil (Willy Lambilliotte) with scripts from Raoul Cauvin. The albums 1-4, 9 and 10 were drawn by Louis Salverius (thanks Alies Meerman!). The stories originally appeared in the comics magazine Spirou/Robbedoes. You can take a look at a page with sub-titles from book 15 (Rumberley).

The original French title of this series is Les Tuniques Bleues. The albums have been translated in Dutch (De blauwbloezen), Norwegian (Blåjakkene) and Swedish. The books that appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Wagen in 't Westen (Car in the West)
  2. Van Noord naar Zuid (From North to South)
  3. Voor 1.500 Dollar extra (For an extra $1,500)
  4. Outlaw (Outlaw)
  5. De deserteurs (The deserters)
  6. De nor in Robertsonville (The jail in Robertsonville)
  7. The blauwe groentjes (The blue greenhorns)
  8. De hoogvliegers van de calevarie (Flying in the cavalry)
  9. De grote patrouille (The big patrol)
  10. Blauw en uniformen (Blue and uniforms)
  11. Blauw in zwart-wit (Blue in black and white)
  12. Blauwbloezen pakken Kozakken (The yankees catch the Cossacks)
  13. De Blauwen in de puree (The blue ones in trouble)
  14. De melkmuil (The greenhorn)
  15. Rumberly (Rumberly)
  16. Bronco Benny (Bronco Benny)
  17. El Padre (El Padre)
  18. Hoe het begon (How it all started)
  19. The David (The David)
  20. Black Face (Black Face)
  21. De 5 schoeljes (The five bandits)
  22. Blauwen en vrouwen (The blue ones and women)
  23. De neven van de overkant (The cousins from the other side)
  24. Baby Blue (Baby Blue)
  25. Blauwen en bulten (Yankees and bumps)
  26. Canadees goud (Canadenian gold)
  27. Bull Run (Bull Run)
  28. The show must go on! (The show must go on!)
  29. Buiten westen (Knock out)
  30. De Roos van Bantry (The rose of Bantry)
  31. Drummer boy (Drummer boy)
  32. Te gek om los te lopen (Crazy!)
  33. Grumbler en zonen (Grumbler and sons)
  34. De groene jaren (Early years)
  35. Kapitein Nepel (Captain Nepel)
  36. Quantrill (Quantrill)
  37. Duel in het kanaal (Duel in the canal)
  38. De onderduikers (The refugees)
  39. Puppet Blues (Puppet Blues)
  40. De stromannen (Strawmen)
  41. De Blauwen nemen de benen (The Blue run away)
  42. Blutch, zweet en tranen (Blutch, sweat and tears)
  43. De blauwblues (The blue blues)

Willy Lambil and Raoul Cauvin in Arme Lampil (Poor Lampil)

Willy Lambilliotte was born in Tamines, Belgium at May 14, 1936. His first comic was rejected by the Dupuis publishing company but still he managed to get a job over there. After unsuccessfully submitting his first work Sandy & Hoppy (starring a kangaroo) for five years, he managed to get it published in 1959. After the death of Louis Salverius he was asked to draw Les Tuniques Bleues/De blauwbloezen (The Yankees). Beside this comic also draws Arme Lampil (Poor Lampil), a comic featuring the comics creating duo Lambil and Cauvin.

Raoul Cauvin (born in Antoing, Belgium in 1938) wanted to draw comics himself but he feared that he would never reach the skill of his colleagues. Therefore he started writing scripts for comics. Raoul Cauvin writes scripts for Agent 212, Arme Lampil (Poor Lampil), Les Tuniques Bleues/De blauwbloezen, G. Raf Zerk, Sammy, Women in white and many more.


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