Les Tours de Bois-Maury

Les Tours de Bois-Maury (English: The Bois-Maury towers; Dutch: De torens van Schemerwoude) is a historical saga of a knight in Middle-ages who went in Cruisades to make money and get mercenaries to "reconquer" his castle. The castle of Bois-Maury, a castle who supposely had the nicest towers of the Christian lands.

There are 10 titles out. May well be over, but we never know. Both drawings and stories are made by Hermann (Hermann Huppen).

  1. Babette
  2. Èloïse de Montgri
  3. Germain
  4. Reinhardt
  5. Alda
  6. Sigurd
  7. William
  8. Le Seldjouki (The Seldjouki)
  9. Khaled
  10. Olivier

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