Comics Images

In this directory you will find some images of comics that appear in The Netherlands. The larger part involves comics published by the Belgian publishing company Dupuis. The images are in jpeg format.

Agent 212: cover part 12 "Kip, koek en ei!" [40k]
Starring a funny fat policeman. A comic by Daniel Kox and Raoul Cauvin
Agent 421: cover part 9 "Morgane Angel" [44k]
About a secret agent in Her Majesty's Service. By Eric Maltaite and Stephen Desberg.
Archief Franquin: cover [97k]
A cover by one of the greatest Belgian comic artist André Franquin, author of Guust Flater.
Asterix: cover part 19 "Op Corsica" [51k]
A cover of the famous comic Asterix by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny.
De blauwbloezen: cover part 21 "De 5 schoeljes" [37k]
An amusing comic situated in the American Civil War. By Willy Lambiliotte and Raoul Cauvin.
Frommeltje: cover part 4 "La ville de tous les jours" [37k]
A comic about a romance between a shy fat boy and a skinny girl. Original French series title: Bidouille et Violette. By Hislaire.
Guust Flater: cover part 12 "De Flaterbende" [42k]
A cover of the famous Gaston Lagaffe series by André Franquin. See the Guust Flater Comic Index.
Isabel: cover part 6 "De behekste vijver" [35k]
About a girl in fairy-tale adventures. By Will Maltaite with support from many others.
Jaap: cover part 6 "De levende kanonskogel" [41k]
The never ending story about a prisoner who is trying to escape. By Pol Deliege.
Kuifje: cover part 3 "De blauwe lotus" [40k]
A cover from the famous Tintin series by Georges Remi (Herge). If you understand Dutch, you can fiind more information about the adventurous reporter in the Dutch Tintin index
Lucky Luke: cover part 5? (Dargaud) "Dalton city" [47k]
About a lonesome cowboy in the USA in the last half of the nineteenth century. By Maurice de Bevere (Morris) and Rene Goscinny.
Natasja: cover part 9? "Opnamen voor Caltech" [40k]
Air-hostess Natasja in her adventure in Caltech. By Francois Walthery.
Paling en Ko: cover part 2 "Jacht op de zwarte bende" [47k]
Paling en Ko: cover part 24 "Vreemde indringers" [46k]
Two covers from the crazy Paling and Ko comics by Francisco Ibañez. Original series title in Spanish Mortadelo y Filemón. In Germany better known as Clever & Smart.
Ragebol: cover part 2 "De droom van de walvis" [41]
Starring a dreamy boy living in a big city. By Bom and Frank.
De kleine Robbe: cover part 2 "Wijs niet met je vinger!"[38k]
De kleine Robbe: cover part 3 "Hee! Wat zullen we nou?"[30k]
One day Philippe Vandevelde (Tome) and Jean-Richard Geurts (Janry) tried out a small version of their comic hero Spirou and they never stopped! De kleine Robbe (Small Spirou) was probably inspired by the great Caspar and Hobbes by Bill Waterson. Check out the Comic Index for Robbe.
De rovers van Clwyd-Rhan: gratis stripje [18k]
The cover of the comic by Reinder Dijkhuis. The latest version of the comic is now available on the web.
De smurfen: cover part 12 "De babysmurf" [39k]
The famous blue creatures "Smurfs" were created by the late Peyo. I guess the cartoon movies made them famous outside of Belgium and The Netherlands.
Vrouwen in 't wit: cover part 9 "Spuitje-roer-mij-niet" [53k]
A crazy series situated in a hospital. Bercovici has a very original way of drawing things. By Bercovici and Raoul Cauvin.
Dokter Zwitser: cover part 7 "Het rare aapje" [47k]
About an ordinary doctor with a special coat. By Wasterlain.

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