Comic book shops in Europe

This is an attempt to build a list containing the European book shops. This list will hopefully help comic enthousiasts that travel in Europe to find the local comic shops in the country they are visiting. However two disclaimers should be made:

This list will never be complete. This list will always be out of date.

However this should not discourage us to try the make the list as complete as possible and as up to date as possible. The size of this list will depend on the willingness of visitors of the page to contribute addresses of their local comic shops. So if you know any good comic book shops somewhere in Europe, send the address and whatever data you wish to supply about the shop to (Erik TKS) and I will include the shop in this list as soon as possible.

The idea of this list came from Georg Miele (100041, Almost all Belgian and Dutch stores come from a list that was composed by Caspar Terheggen ( Caspar's most notable sources were: the ZozoLala magazine issue number 79 of February and March 1995 and Str!pschap/Str!pschrift: Wartaal of December 1994 and SCHAPnieuws of March 1995.

You can either search in in list or view the complete list. If you want to search, feel free to enter any search key you want to use: country name, city name, the name of the store or even the phone number if you only know that one.

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Ok, here is the list ordered by country. Note that within a country the stores are ordered by city name.

If you are looking for a country or city not mentioned here, try DMOZ's comic retailers list.





There is a more extensive overview of German shops at the Carlsen Comics website (in German).

Great Britain

I received a tip from Chris Greenwood that a larger list of UK comics shops was published by Comics International, e-mail address:

The Netherlands



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Last update: December 13, 2001.