Translated page of Agent 212

This is an Agent 212 story that appeared on page 32 of Robbedoes 2402 of April 26, 1984 and in album 6, De nachtwacht, page 46. General information about this comic can be found on another Agent 212 page.

Today the sadist of the orphanage appeared in front of
the court of Assisen for the third time.

prosecutor: Look at him ladies and gentlemen of the jury!
            The stale gaze without any expression, full
            of hatred. It's the gaze of a criminal at his

prosecutor: No mercy for this man! By giving him the most
            severe punishment we can clean up society and
prosecutor: Yes ladies and gentlemen, I demand penal 
            servitude for life! Nothing more but nothing
judge:      Thank you mister prosecutor. I call upon the

defendant:  Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury!
            I don't want to play down the 32 crimes of this
            unfortunate man but please remember that during
            his unhappy childhood blablabla and blablabla...
judge:      The members of the jury may withdraw to decide
            the penalty.
judge:      Take away the accused! You'll bring him back
            when I pass sentence!
agent 212:  Yes Your Honor.

agent 212:  Hop! Come on! We're going!
agent 212:  Albert, I'll be glad when this trail is over! If
            you only knew what kind of prejudices came over

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