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Young Spirou

Young Spirou (original French title: Le petit Spirou) is a comic made by Tome and Janry. The two authors were responsible for the famous Belgian comic Spirou et Fantasio from 1984 to 1998. In 1987 they created a story about the child years of Spirou (La jeunesse de Spirou). In this early story about Spirou, the young hero was accompanied by characters that also play a big role in his later adventures (for example Fantasio).

After the first child story, Tome and Janry decided to write some more. Spirou's name was changed to Young Spirou and the characters of the grown-up version were replaced by other original figures. Young Spirou was assigned family members as well: a father, a mother, a grandfather and a great grandmother, all of whom are dressed in the characteristic bellboy uniform.

De kleine Robbe album 12
Since 1990, 12 albums of Young Spirou have been published. Authors Tome and Janry stopped with working on the grownup Spirou in 1998 and have since then concentrated on creating Young Spirou stories. Their most recent book was issued in November 2005. A translated version of the title is Well, I never!

This web site contains an incomplete overview of the published Young Spirou stories. The site is written in Dutch. If you are not familiar with the language, you can take a look at a translated story. You can also examine some images with English tags or use the links section for finding other relevant material on this comic.

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