With his bow and his arrows Cupidon brings together the most different people. It's his mission to give all lonesome souls on the world a partner. He even brings animals together even although the couples he creates are not always of the same species! And when sometimes things do not work out... well that's the risk of his profession.

The images of this comic are made by Malik and the stories are by Raoul Cauvin. You can find more information about Cauvin in the page of Les Tuniques Bleues.

Dutch titles in this series:

  1. Aanstekelijke liefde
  2. Liefdesdrankjes
  3. Passie en vuur
  4. Concerto amoroso
  5. Regenboog
  6. Hartediefje
  7. Apetrots
  8. Verliefd ... een beetje

You can find an image of the hero of this comic in Willy's comic gallery.

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