Claire is a cheerful girl of about 20 years who lives together with two other girls and a cat. The names of Claire's room mates are Brix and Jup. Claire's cat name is Pimmetje. In the second book Claire meets Ricky and they fell in love. Claire appears in the Belgian girls magazine Flair. You can view a page with sub-titles.

The books that have appeared in this sequence are:

  1. Op eigen benen (On her own feet)
  2. Ricky
  3. Licht & luchtig (Light & airy)
  4. Relatie inflatie (Relation inflation)
  5. Bekend van TV (Known from TV)
  6. Bakken in de zon (Sun-bathing)
  7. Puur natuur (Sheer nature)
  8. Altijd prijs (Always winning)
  9. In Extase (Ecstatic)
  10. Proost! (Cheers!)
  11. Netwerken (Networking)
  12. Fast food (Fast food)
  13. In vuur en vlam (On fire)
  14. De volgende ronde (The next round)

Jan van Die has supplied the title of album 9. Wilbert Plijnaar has provided the title for the tenth album.

The author name on the albums, Wiroja, is an acronym for three men: Wilbert Plijnaar (script), Robert van der Kroft (drawings) and Jan van Die (scripts). Dutch draughtsman Robert van der Kroft (born in Haarlem 1952) started his career making drawings for Disney, for example The big bad Wolf. He also worked on Sjors & Sjimmie together with storymakers Wilbert Plijnaar (1954) and Jan van Die.

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