Translated page of Claire

This is page 32 of book 7 of Claire, title: Puur natuur (Sheer nature) by Jan van Die, Wilbert Plijnaar and Robert van der Kroft. General information about this comic can be found on this Claire page.

Claire:      Get rid of that table! I'm fed up with it!
Ricky:       Well, next I'll be as broken as the table.
garbage man: According to my employment contract I do not
             have to accept anything heavier than 10 kilos!
             You'll have to call the big garbage service
             who will visit you after three weeks.
Ricky:       What?!!
garbage man: Listen! You know you'll get a fine when you
             put garbage on the street outside of
             collecting days?
Ricky:       Sigh! So here we go again!
Brix:        Are you throwing away that table?

Claire:      You can have it if you want but I do not
             understand why you would!
Ricky:       ... and I do not understand why it has to
             be taken down two stairs and then taken up
             three stairs!
Brix:        You lack creative ideas! One layer of paint
             and it will be practically new!
Claire:      B-But those are sprayers!
Claire:      Paint contains a lot of nasty chemicals and
             on top of that those CFK's!
Brix:        I've found a solution for that!

Brix:        I'll squirt the table under this cooker-hood.
             All the harmful gasses will disappear through
             the filter!
Claire:      I wonder...
Claire:      With a circulation hood this would work but
             this type is connected to a waiste-pipe!
Claire:      You see what I mean? The gass will enter the
             environment through this chimney!
Brix:        Shit!

Brix:        I'll have to collect the gass in one way or
             another! But how?

Claire:      You're not going to tell me that they're
             still too heavy for you, are you?

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