Translated page of Agent 327

These are parts of pages 5 and 6 of book 4 of Agent 327, title: Dossier Stemkwadrater (File Voice-amplifier) by Martin Lodewijk. General information about this comic can be found on another Agent 327 page.

Followers: Long live our great leader dr. Maybe!
Dr. Maybe: Ting Ling... You will operate this televiscoop...
           Show us that you're worthy for this task.
Ting Ling: Thank you, o great leader.
Dr. Maybe: Exercise some hours with operating the control
           board dear Ting Ling.

Dr. Maybe: It's a comforting thought that agent 327 is in
           The Netherlands far way from the Riviera the
           place of our operation... He'll not trouble us!
Agent 327: Geez! The things a secret agent has to do to
           go on a holiday without being recognized...
Woman:     Look at this Jan... Mien will be very jealous
           when we come back in Amsterdam. Something bought
           at the Riviera!!

Agent 327: Finally a quiet spot... No one here... Now I can
           take off my disguise!
Agent 327: Now a refreshing dive in the blue water of the
           Mediterranean, so blue, so blue...
Ting Ling: Dr. Maybe!! Dr. Maybe!! Great Master, allow me to
           take a moment of your precious time!!!

Ting Ling: In this lonely bather I believe that I recognize the
           man you believed was far from the Riviera in The
           Netherlands, your great enemy... Hendrik IJzerbroot
           also known as...
Dr. Maybe: AGENT 327!!! RAAAAAAH!!! AGENT 327!
Dr. Maybe: This only can mean one thing! They've spotted my
           men at the Riviera! They are on my track! Just at
           the moment when we're busy with our biggest case.
Dr. Maybe: I cannot take the risk. AGENT 327 MUST DISAPPEAR!!

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