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Gaston Lagaffe Index

This is an index to the comic Gaston Lagaffe created by the Belgian artist André Franquin (1924-1997), initially assisted by Jidéhem (Jean Demesmaeker). The main character of the comic is Gaston, a clumsy lazy office boy working at the editorial office of the weekly comic magazine Robbedoes (originally in French: Spirou). Gaston Lagaffe was chosen as the most popular comic character among readers of the Dutch comic mailing list in a poll organised in April 1994.

There exists a guestbook for these pages. You can read the guestbook or sign it and thus provide us with your comments on these pages. Interesting links to information about Gaston or any other comic made by André Franquin can also be entered in the guestbook.

Most of the index is in Dutch. If you do not understand Dutch you can read the items under 1, 3 and 5. Another possibility is to view a translated Gaston story (2x72kB inline image). If you understand French then you might want to visit the Gaston site by Pedro Inigo Yanez. If you are a Gaston expert please read the strips text I have put under 3. Perhaps you can help to fill the gaps in the main story sequence of Gaston.

  1. Main characters
  2. Subject index
  3. Story index
  4. Book index
  5. Some images

We know that Gaston Lagaffe albums exist in the original language French (Gaston Lagaffe, see image with story 468), Dutch (Guust Flater), Portuguese (Gaston Lagaffe, 886), Icelandic (Viggó Vidutan, 478), Swedish (Gaston), Finnish (Niilo Pielinen), Norwegian (Viggo, 352), Danish (Vakse Viggo, 880), German (Gaston, 790), Spanish (Tomás el gafe), Turkish (Gaston), Serbian (Gasa Seprtlja), English (Gomer Goof), Chinese, Greek, Catalan (Sergi Grapes), Italian (Gastone), Slovenian (Gaston Zgaga), Indonesian (Gaston) and (Esperanto (Gastono Lafu^so). If you know any other languages in which Gaston was translated, please send the information to erikt(at)xs4all.nl .

The Swedish and and the Finnish names for Gaston were supplied by Mikael Suokas. Gaute Stavik provided the Norwegian name, Steen Pedersen provided the Danish name and Gisela Fischer the German name. The Spanish name was supplied by Esteban Perez Castrejon while the Serbian name was supplied by Milo Knezevic. The English name was supplied by Jyrki Vainio and Bert Woudstra pointed at the existence of a Chinese translation. Albert Carreras has sent me the Catalan name and Jorge Stolfi has provided the Italian name (complete: Gastone, lŽAddetto di Redazione). The Slovenian name was supplied by Uros Mesojedec and Aditya Wikrama came forward with the Indonesian name. Nebojsa Pesic has provided the expanded version of the Serbian name.

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