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Some Guust Flater Scans

Some jpeg scans of Guust Flater:

  1. Cover: "Archief Franquin" [97k]
    (The Franquin archive)
  2. Guust Flater: cover part 12 "De Flaterbende" [42k]
    (Lagaffe's gang)
  3. Postcard "Attention ou tu mets les pieds!" [31k]
    (Be carefull where you put your feet!)
  4. Postcard "Froid moi? Jamais!" [32k]
    (Cold, me? Never!)
  5. Postcard "Le travail c'est la sante... Moi, je sais la conserver" [43k]
    (The work is the health... (For my part) I know how to keep it.)
  6. Postcard "En... wie heeft er gewonnen?" [44k]
    (And? Who did win?)
  7. Postcard "Ik verander van baan..." [29k]
    (I'm getting a new job)
  8. Postcard "Nou moe?!" [22k]
    (Well, I never!)
  9. Postcard "Vlinders in mijn buik" [41k]
    (Falling in love)

The translations for 3-5 have been supplied by Thierry Barthelemy. Frederik Tilkin has come forward with the translation for number 2.

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