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Gaston Lagaffe Links

This page contains links to online material on Gaston Lagaffe and his creator André Franquin. If you know a relevant site that that has not been mentioned here, then please send the URL to erikt(at)xs4all.nl . The numeric code before each item represents month in which the item was added to this list.

The site of the Franquin exhibition in Brussels (27 October 2006 - 15 April 2007) is available in Français and Nederlands.

French sites (Français)

Dutch sites (Nederlands)

English sites

  • 200102 Christiaan ter Veen's Gaston page.
  • 200609 Lawrence Wade's Gaston page.
  • 199601 Nicolai Langfeldt's Viggo page.
  • 200609 Wikipedia's Gaston page.

Other languages

  • 199601 Bjørge Stavik's Viggo page (in Norwegian).
  • 200609 Esperanto album announcement (in Esperanto).
  • 199809 Kenneth Johansson's Gaston page (in Swedish).
  • 199709 Peter Schmitt's Gaston page (in German).
  • 200609 Wikipedia's Gaston page (in many languages).

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