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Asterix in Hebrew

This page contains information I have collected about the Hebrew issues of the comic Asterix the Gaul by René Goscinny (1926-1977) and Albert Uderzo (1927). More information about the other language issues can be found on The International Asterix Page.

Main characters

I only have the pronunciation of some names of the main characters in Hebrew. If you have information on this you can mail me at erikt(at)xs4all.nl . I am looking for the names as they appear in the Hebrew books and their pronunciation.

Astérix:           [Asteriks]
Obélix:            [Obeliks]
Idéfix             [Mavriks]
Panoramix:         [Ashafiks]
Assurancetourix:   [Khamshiriks]
Abraracourcix:     [Lokhemamiks]
Agecanonix         [Metushelakhiks]
Cétautomatix       [Otomatiks]
Ordralfabétix      [Lefisederalfabetiks]
Bonemine           [Zivpanim]
Jules César        [Yulius Keissar]

Ils sont fous ces Romains!

The translation of Obelix's motto in Hebrew is:

Ils sont fous ces ???! in Hebrew
You should read this Hebrew motto from right to left. Note that the exclamation mark (!) appears at the left of the sentence. This version of the motto was taken from the book "La grande traversée" and it actually means "These Vikings are crazy!". The pronunciation of the motto about the Romans is: [Metorafim Ha-Romayim Ha-eleh!]

Credits: Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom has provided the motto about the Vikings. Or Aleksandrowicz and Dror Kamir have supplied the pronunciation of the names and the motto about the Romans. Another Dror contributed another name pronunciation.

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